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Want To Buy Manipur Handicrafts Online? Here Are The Most Popular Ones

by Team SaleBhai - 06-Nov-2017 - Hometown Special
Manipur handicraft online

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Religious values, everyday needs of the ordinary people, and the requirements of the ruling elites -- have inspired Indian craft forms through the ages. Foreign and domestic trade have also contributed to the development of different artwork. In spite of ravages of time and several foreign invasions, Indian craft continues to flourish till date -- owing to the open-mindedness of the Indian handicraftsmen in accepting and assimilating new ideas. As craftwork of India reflects its people, religion, and culture -- each state craft is different and reflects the influence of its various rulers.


Availability of Manipur handicrafts online helps the fast-dwindling traditional artwork from the northeastern part of our country to reach a global market -- giving the artisans an opportunity to pass it on to the next generation as a form of livelihood.  


Here is a list of available unique Manipur Handicraft online, especially curated to offer you the best from the Northeast. 


1. Black Pottery


Handicrafts inspired by Longpi pottery or stone pottery are one of the traditional crafts found in Manipur. This earthenware derives its name from the village Longpi in the state. Such is the charm of this pottery that it has been talked about by the renowned Indian yogi, poet, and mystic Jaggi Vasudev -- commonly known as Sadhguru.


Longpi is made using a mixture of black serpentinite stone and weathered rock -- mixed in a three to one ratio. Serpentinite rock provides the strength and weathered rock acts as a binding agent. The mixture is then moulded by hand into desired shapes, put in a kiln, set on fire for around five to nine hours, and then polished with local leaves called pasania pachyphylla for a glossy surface. Since it's naturally made -- without any chemical, machines or wheel usage -- it's very hygienic. 


Besides being pregnant-women-friendly and having various benefits, this pottery also holds a privileged status in Manipur -- especially during important occasions such as marriage and Luira festival. With a black background and few motifs, it succeeds in merging practicality and ethnicity. This stone pottery is low maintenance, easy to clean, and available to match all pocket sizes. 


We have gathered some of the best black pottery items, especially for you. Read on!


Giskaa Square Coffee/Tea Cup 


square coffee cup


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Giskaa Square Coffee/Tea Cup will take you back to earthenware era with its rustic charm. The square shape with a rounded handle -- decorated with cane piping -- offers a firm grip as well as style. The inherent property of stone used in crafting this cup ensures that your beverage remains hot for a long time.


Giskaa Rounded Coffee Mug 


round coffee cup


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Hot and aromatic coffee in Giskaa Rounded Coffee Mug is sure to kick-start your day on a happy note.  The cylindrical cup is made with black pottery and has a handle decorated with a cane to offer a firm and comfortable grip.  With its temperature maintaining properties, enjoy your cuppa without worrying about it getting cold!


Giskaa Beer Mug With Semi D-Shaped Handle 


black beer mug


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beer mug


Say cheers in style with Giskaa Beer Mug With Semi D-Shaped Handle. Made with eco-friendly and durable natural material -- this mug is 100% safe and toxin-free. The elegant hand-woven cane pattern on the handle is just amazing! Tall and robust -- this sleek earthenware beer mug is all that you need for the weekends!


Giskaa Coffee/Tea Set


tea /coffee set


Image credit


ash tray


Giskaa Coffee/Tea Set is sure to add elegance to your get-togethers.  The set, made with black pottery, contains three mugs, one pot for serving tea or coffee, and one gorgeous rectangular tray.  These magical Longpi teapots are made for direct cooking over the flame and are microwave-friendly as well.


Giskaa Ring Shaped Kettle


ring-shaped kettle


Image credit


This unique Giskaa Ring Shaped Kettle is a classy and unusual addition to your dinner table! Utilize it for a perfect serving of beverages or as a centerpiece on your dining table. This exotic earthenware kettle is excellent to gift also. If used correctly, the contents will heat up equally and retain most of their nutrients as compared to being cooked in steel or alloy teapots


These wonderful artefacts are non-toxic, inert and non-reactive. As the products are handcrafted, so no two products are ever the same. Even the black colour is due to its natural manufacturing process and not a chemical paint.


2. Water Reed Handbags


Kouna -- a type of spongy water reed -- is found abundantly in the swamps of Manipur. Since ages, Manipuri artisans have been crafting lovely, creative handicrafts, especially handbags, from the stems of water reed and water hyacinth plants.


After being harvested, these are sun-dried to make them convenient for handcrafting. They are then woven -- with intricate knots and joints -- to create products in a myriad of shapes. Kouna holds a deep, emotional bond with the natives -- a traditional, customary connect. In fact, every house proudly showcases artefacts made with it. The handbags that we are going to talk about are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and completely non-toxic.


V-Shaped Jalli Natural Reed Colour Handbag


Manipur handbag


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This V-Shaped Jalli Natural Reed Colour Handbag is a multipurpose handcrafted bag made from water reed. The exclusive Manipur artwork comes with a lovely crisscross pattern. Make a style statement effortlessly with this unique hand/shoulder bag. Use it for your picnics or shopping. Its spacious design will help you carry all your essentials.


U-Shaped Natural Reed Coloured Handbag


Manipur U-shaped handbag


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Make heads turn with this gorgeous U-shaped Manipuri handbag. Its natural colour goes well with any kind of ensemble -- casual or partywear. Flaunt the trendy, lightweight, and 100% eco-friendly accessory and be chic. Carry the versatile Giskaa U-Shaped Natural Reed Coloured Handbag, anytime, anywhere. The handwoven bag comes in a pretty, curved structure with sturdy handles that you can hang on your arm or hold in your hand. Interlaced kouna stems enhance not only its look but render it durable and a favourite choice for those who opt to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. 


3. Food Items


If you want us to spell out the essence of Manipuri food in one word, it would be – healthy. Unique tangy flavours are prevalent in almost every household. Manipuri like to eat a lot of greens and generally grow their own vegetables. One culinary delight that stands out is the black rice. Rice is their staple food and no surprise there, the black rice too is wholesome and extremely beneficial. Let’s explore the uniqueness of this amazing speciality. 


water reed bags


Giskaa Aromatic Black Rice (Chak Hao)


This sweet, flavourful black rice or chak hao, as it is popularly called, is quite aromatic. In fact, exquisite is the word we will use to describe it. Giskaa Aromatic Black Rice (Chak Hao) adds a nutritional punch to your meals. Rich in antioxidants, dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamin E -- it is useful in maintaining healthy eyes, skin, and immune system.


It even has anti-inflammatory properties and an ability to protect the body from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and weight gain. What’s more, black rice is the only rice which has anthocyanin – a disease-fighting pigment. With so much goodness, this wonderful food item is a must-have in your kitchen.


Manipur – the land of untouched, splendid beauty -- is indeed a cultural treasure trove. Secrets lie aplenty here. We have tried to bring out some of these secrets to the fore for you.


Deck your cabinets with the aesthetically-pleasing Manipuri black pottery and relish its unique black rice. You can complete your outfit with a hand-woven water reed handbag from this beautiful state and charm the world with your elegant style.

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north east handicraft