There is no single day to celebrate love, much less a week. It is eternal, it is every day. But if love is a religion, Valentine’s Week is certainly its festival. You can’t put a price on love – however, you can certainly express your feelings with little tokens. Buy the best Valentine gifts online for your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife and get them delivered anywhere in India. Wooing can't get better than this.

Rose Day

Rose Day (February 7)

Rose is known to be the queen of flowers and hence it is no surprise that we begin the Valentine’s Week with this gorgeous blossom. This February, think a little out of the box and go with rose-scented or rose-flavoured gifts rather than a traditional long-stemmed flower. From herbal rose body care products to rose-flavoured mouth fresheners, there’s a lot to look out for.

Propose Day

Propose Day (February 8)

There is probably no adventure sport that gives the kind of adrenaline rush you get from a proposal – no matter if you are the one proposing or being proposed. Make this day even more special by giving your special one something truly heartwarming. Choose from a range of chocolates, sweets, intricate handicrafts, and much more.

Propose Day

Chocolate Day (February 9)

Chocolates and romance go hand in hand. For those with a sweet tooth, every day is Chocolate Day. On this special day then surprise your beloved with different chocolate avatars such as chocolate-covered nuts, chocolate-flavoured sweets, and chocolate cookies.

Propose Day

Teddy Day (February 10)

There is something about teddy bears that makes one feel pampered and protected. So while the traditional toy will never go out of style, you can push the envelope by gifting an intricate home decor item as a token of remembrance or some rejuvenating herbal products to give your special one that same soft, snugly feeling.

Propose Day

Promise Day (February 11)

What is love if not a promise of everlasting togetherness? This Promise Day, make/renew your vows with a range of expert-curated gifts. Special cookies, chocolates, and exotic home decor items hold the promise of making your moments with your special one a picture-perfect memory to look back on.

Propose Day

Hug Day (February 12)

A friendly bear hug, a long romantic embrace, a quick reassuring squeeze – nothing can make you feel better than a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’. Let your loving cuddles be accompanied by a sweet token of love. Choose from massage oils, berries, and special dry fruits to enhance the warmth.

Propose Day

Kiss Day (February 13)

One of the most unforgettable memories in life is the first kiss you share with your special someone. Make/relive that memory with a little something. Choose from a wide range of chocolates that hint at the special moment. One day before February 14, get your special someone a loving gift – sealed with a kiss.

Propose Day

Valentine's Day (February 14)

The whole week of celebrating the various aspects of love boils down to this one special day – Valentine’s Day. Leave no holds barred to shower your Valentine with the choicest products – from gourmet chocolates to scintillating home decor products. Go ahead and make memories.