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Unique Home Decor Ideas With Indian Handicrafts

by SaleBhai Team - 30-Mar-2017 - Decor & lifestyle

Home is a lot more than a space we stay in; it is a reflection of our dreams, an image of what we stand for, a result of lots of hard work and perseverance – a citadel of our values and bonds. When our lovely abode is all these and so much more, it certainly deserves the best of everything. And why not?

In a country like India, it only gets better. With the massive multitude of choices – in traditional handicrafts, upholstery, and furniture, one has all the reasons to indulge in the best home décor. To have a look at the best home decor items, click here.

 Key facts on Indian handicrafts


What will you learn from this article?

  • Why Indian handicrafts?
  • What's for you?
  • 10 unique handicraft ideas.
  • Author’s take
  • Summary


Why Indian handicrafts?

  • Perfect way to pass on the ethnicity, diversity, and rich culture of our country
  • Each product is handmade and thus has a personal touch to it – something India is known for.
  • The skilled artisans of India slog day and night – to produce stunning crafts. We owe it to them.
  • With handicrafts – typically made in India – standing gracefully in our home, the need to maintain and promote the rich art forms is well taken care of.
  • Still looking for a reason? Well, Indian handicrafts are individualistic and extremely remarkable. And your beautiful house deserves just that sort of furnishing.


What's for you?

Handcrafted things never go out of style. If you are utterly in love with pan-Indian cultures, you can have a piece of every state in your house. And in case a particular state interests you more, go ahead and splurge on the specialities of that region like there’s no tomorrow. If you are looking to revamp your interiors or have recently shifted to a new location, then take it slow and steady because you have a plethora of options to choose from.
Most of the cities have yearly exhibitions showcasing the vast variety of handicraft from across the length and breadth of our country. Do visit the one happening in your city this year to know more.

Check out state-wise famous handicrafts information here.

You can start by indulging in one of these to begin with

Indian map of handicrafts


Madhubani paintings

Madhubani aka Mithila painting – with its authentic profusion of lifelike shapes and patterns of figures of men, deities, nature, social & religious events, plants, flowers, and birds – will take the best care of your drawing room wall. Browse through some choices here.


Art with a twist

Flaunt your walls in style with a customised wall clock. Get a big dial with only the three time needles and use four Madhubani paintings in place of 12, 3, 6, and 9. You have a customised wall clock ready to grab all the attention and appreciation.

Madhubani painting facts

Image credit


Dhokra art

Dhokra is an art practiced for over 4,000 years. Dhokra’s cast metal and ironware motifs – peacocks, elephants, owls, and lamp caskets amongst others – are the most sought-after decorative of this art form in India as well as abroad. Check out some extraordinary dhokra decoratives here.


Art with a twist

Let your exclusive home interiors spill over with a dhokra nameplate pompously hanging outside your door waiting to be admired.

Dhokra craft

Image credits


Kashmiri namda

A spread of one of those famous Kashmiri Namdas – is all your walls ever wanted. Besides giving a stylish look they also have a very cosy feel – a great comforter in winters.


Art with a twist

Namdas on the floor is quite passe. You pin it on your wall – with only the four corners being nailed. This will give it a free and beautiful fall.

 Craft of namda making

Image credits


Rice sieve

A major utility item – made almost in every part of India – is the rice sieve aka chaaj. Traditionally used to separate rice from husk, it has now made its way to people's interiors.


Art with a twist

Stick a quote or poster of your choice on a rice sieve and hang it facing down on your drawing room wall. For your dining room wall – you can use a high-quality adhesive to stick decorative forks, spoons or even a beautiful platter on it. Highlight it with a lamp overhead.

 Handcrafted rice sieve

Image credit



Dhurries aka rug – a low maintenance, foldable, lightweight and silverfish-free avatar of a carpet – are primarily made in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. You can find them in cotton, wool jute, or silk – in any colour and size of your choice. An appealing stretch on the floor – big or small – in any room would leave less room for any other adornment or frills.


Art with a twist

Layer three dhurries – one horizontally, one vertically, and one cutting them across diagonally in the centre – like the rays of the sun. Make sure this pattern forms a perfect circle in the centre of your room filling the room with striking colours.

Durries types

Image credit


Wall art

How about smearing your walls with some fun? Mud wall paintings aka mural craft of Kutch are perfect for nature lovers – with peacocks, camels, elephants, temples, trees, and other reflections of the life in Kutch for its primary designs. This art livens up the spirit of a room by leaps and bounds. The advantages of this décor go beyond just beautifying your house. Mural on the outer wall reflects heat thus keeping the house cool in summers. Inside the house the mirrors on the wall echo a single ray of light manifold spreading it all around.

Another intriguing wall art – warli – originated in Maharashtra. This art form demonstrates the way of living, whims, and disposition of the tribals. To have a prominent wall to begin with sets the right bearing for a house that looms of happy times and fashionable embellishment.

What is warli painting

Image credits


Paper art

If paper holds your attention, you can consider Sanjhi motifs – crafted in Mathura, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. This art involves cutting designs on paper – framed as a wall hanging thereafter or used to beautify furniture, flooring or walls.


Art with a twist

Get hold of a sanjhi stencil just fit for your plain lamp shade. Place two lamps in diagonals corners of your room and paste the stencil around their shades – with a 100wt bulb inside – and let the pattern reflect on the walls when switched on.

 Paper art

Image credits


Colours of the West

Rajasthan and Gujarat are a bombardment of liveliness, shades, and traditions. The famous cloth-embroidered umbrella is one beautiful item handcrafted here. Use them to add wonders to your interior.


Art with a twist

Have four thin nylon wires running across the length or breadth of your drawing room. Hang the most appealing umbrellas on these upside down – spaced evenly.

 Handmade umbrella

Image credit


Clay handicrafts

‘I do pottery. I love it. It is very relaxing; it takes me to another planet,’ claims Czech model Eva Herzigova. Do you also love the look, feel and smell of soil? West Bengal, Bikaner, Pune, Lucknow, and Himachal Pradesh produce some attractive clay products which augment the splendor of your residence. Have a look at some clay craft here.


Art with a twist

Coloured or plain earthen pots aka matka have a strong rustic feel about them. Carefully make few holes in some matkas and grace them with a few diyas or some fancy Diwali lights. Place them in a corner or hang them instead of those expensive lamps.

 Clay handicraft

Image credits


Kondapalli toys

Kondapalli statues and dolls – primarily illustrating marriage scenes, mythological figures, animals, bullock carts, rural life and dancing dolls – are known for their distinctiveness and charm. These toys aptly add the right hues with a sprinkle of primal culture to your living space.


Art with a twist

‘Ekta mein hi bal hai,’ goes for not only people but anything together. Have a rich collection of these toys hanging around in your kids’ room with the help of a transparent wire across the room – and make them happier than ever before besides adding charm to your decor.

 wooden toys of Kondapalli

Image credits


Author’s take

Bright and beautiful walls go a long way in enhancing the interiors of a house. Think differently – to bring out the best in simple things.

However, there is something somewhere made for each one of you – waiting to add that special touch to your home décor and lives. Indian handicrafts are not just pieces that adorn your house – they represent the royal heritage and traditions of our country, rich ethnicity of the by-gone days, and the expert ingenuity of the skilled artisans of India.
With SaleBhai’s handicraft collection showcasing the best of south, east, north, and west all year round – you have no reason to hold yourself back.

 Indian handicraft



‘Your culture is your brand,’ Tony Hsieh. India is a land of varied cultures, traditions, beliefs, standards, and choices – so you have a lot to show off. It’s not about investing in expensive things, rather rare things. Your choices will make all the difference. And when the choice is as wide as this why think twice? In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations. Indeed each piece of craft produced in our country is a marvelous creation – let's make the best use of these to beautify our homes and lives.


Header image credit


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