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Top Five Beauty Bloggers of Kolkata

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 25-Apr-2018 - Expert Roundup

Makeup vs no makeup – this is an ongoing battle for every woman. As American fashion blogger Marc Jacobs rightly said, “To me, beauty and makeup and colour is like the finishing touch on everything."


True that.


Ladies, agree or not, we all are obsessed about how to look our best. And so, we jump from one beauty blog to another for plenty of reasons – such as buying any new product, learning new tips, and most importantly, staying in trend.


However, finding a right blogger is no less than a daunting task. Isn’t it? So, what makes a beauty blog perfect? The answer is – it should have informative content on cosmetics, latest style fads, safe and effective skin treatments, easy-to-apply makeup tips, and anything which would benefit us in making us look prettier.


If you are still on your search, we are here to help. We bring you closer to top five beauty bloggers of Kolkata. Yes, it is the city where women are fond of makeup. Eyes beautified with kajal, lips adorned with luscious lipstick, and foreheads smeared with red bindi – this is the ideal picture that comes to mind when thinking about the City of Joy!


We have picked up five personalities from this region who are breaking new grounds with their latest beauty ideas. So let’s learn more about these ultimate gurus. Read on.


1. Rudrita Chatterjee – A Beautiful Soul!


 Blogger Rudrita Chatterjee


Rudrita has gained loads of appreciation and applauds since she started her blog in 2015. She completed her graduation in fashion designing and is now an all-in-one blogger, who loves to write about fashion, travel, and food – besides her favourite subject – beauty. Indeed, she is a master of all arts!


When you visit her blog, you can find reviews on cosmetics and excellent, handy DIY tips. She shares her favourite tip with us – “The most beautiful outfit is the one which you wear confidently. Train yourself to be confident, positive, and patient”.


Her YouTube channel has lots of amazing tips for every woman. You will find useful tutorials on how to apply foundation according to skin tone, practical eye makeup suggestions, and others.


She also talks about the benefits of rose water to treat your sunburns and turn your complexion into a bright and glowing one. She not only discusses about cosmetics products but also provides natural home remedies for instant radiance. Isn’t it great?


Who will not love to follow such an awesome beauty blogger? She is just a click away.


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2. Kirti Mahamia – The Calcutta Girl


Blogger Kirti Mahamia


Kirti is a born Marwari girl and madly in love with Kolkata. Apart from being a great blogger, she is an event manager by profession and is active on television. There’s more. She is a good stage spokesperson, voice-over artist, and a great script writer too. We can say she is merely a jack of all trades!The famous beauty and lifestyle blogger has something amazing to say to all the nerdy girls – “Don’t skip the makeup just because you wear glasses.”


Check this out:


“Curl your eyelashes and add mascara to the roots of your lashes. The curl will prevent your lashes from touching the lens and the mascara will add volume to the eyes.”


She suggests few wonderful ways to wear makeup behind the glasses. Aren’t you excited to have attractive-looking eyes despite your spectacles? She has even tried her hands on halloween makeup and that was an instant hit. In her YouTube channel, you can see such amazingly themed do-overs with special effects. So ladies, next time when you are attending a halloween party, don’t forget to glance through these tutorials once.


Wait, we have good news for the guys here as well. You can find some basic skin-care tips for men in her blog. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to learn more essential tips.


3. Sayantini Bhattacharya – Cherry On Top


Blogger Sayantini Bhattacharya


Meet Sayantini Bhattacharya. Her blog is the talk of the fashion town. She believes in delivering something special and writers to readers . We can say that Cherry on Top is a perfect name for her blog. Don’t you all agree? Besides being a great blogger, she is a student of English literature and is currently pursuing her graduation.


She shared her favourite tip – “The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.”


Her active engagement with beauty and fashion bloggers pushed her into the world of blogging. And it was her passion for makeup that never let her down. Her blog is included in the list of top hundred Indian fashion blogs. She is an achiever. Her website is an extremely suitable platform for all the women who are looking for effective beauty tips.


We assure you, she will never disappoint you with her makeup reviews, skin- and hair-care tips, and unique sense of styling. By reading her blogs, you will end up getting the look you always desired.


She shares a tip with us for salon-like hair-removal treatment –


“Use a conditioner instead of your shaving foam or soap and you will end up with an ultra-soft skin.”


So readers, next time, try this tip and feel the difference. We suggest you to follow her, now!



4. Shikha Pathak Pandey – The Girl from Calcutta


Blogger Shikha Pathak Pandey


Next on our list is Shikha. She did her post-graduate diploma in mass communication. She shared with us that since the beginning, she was fond of reading makeup product reviews. And sometimes, she found the reviews to be false and misleading. It was then when she got an inspiration to start her own blog, which would be an honest platform for readers searching for genuine beauty product reviews.


She shares her skin-care routine. Let's read it in her own words –


“Our skin is extremely sensitive and goes through a lot every day. Pollution, dirt, and impurities start taking a toll, turning the skin dull and dry. A cleanser effectively cleanses your skin and removes the slightest of impurities without clogging open pores. A toner tightens these pores, whereas a moisturiser effectively seals in the moisture in your skin, thus hydrating it. A daily CTM routine will soon give you a flawlessly radiant skin in no time. It’s tried and tested by me!”


Pro Tip: Follow the routine twice a day, every day of the week.


She calls herself a shopaholic and tries to get her hands on all the latest beauty products. She says that beauty is natural, but a bit of mascara and a swipe of lipstick will never harm. Yes, we all agree to this, don’t you?


Follow her for the best beauty product reviews and hacks.


5. Dolon Chowdhury – Pout Pretty


Blogger Dolon Chowdhury


Working as a senior business analyst in one of the leading international banks, Dolon is pursuing her passion along with her job. Isn’t that commendable?


She started her blog in the year 2012. By now, she has nearly 1,00,000 followers on all social media sites. She is even associated with famous beauty brands such as Kama Ayurveda, Lakme, and Body Shop.


She shares that her source of beauty information was from popular magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. It was during those times when YouTube was not accessible. And we can see that it was her passion which never let her turn back.


Did you know that her earliest makeup memory was trying the red lipstick that her dad had got for her mom? That’s interesting.


Let’s read in her own words what she thinks about beauty –


“I truly believe that makeup is about enhancing one’s features rather than masking them. Because of the obsession with wanting to look fair, a mistake that many people make is wearing a lighter shade of foundation or face powder. That is committing makeup hara-kiri! Love yourself, love your skin tone, and wear makeup that does not look as if you are wearing a white mask.”


The beauty enthusiast loves to write about lipstick brands and skin-care products. She aims at penning down posts which are helpful to her readers. Along with makeup product reviews, she also writes on fashion titbits, travel tutorials, wellness and lifestyle content.


Aren’t you exciting to follow her right away? Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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We all love to pamper ourselves and beauty care is something we just can’t miss.


If we have missed your favourite blogger, please free to share it with us!


Did you like this story? Want to share your feedback/appreciation/criticism? Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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