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Top 8 Indian Food Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2018

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 04-Apr-2018 - Miscellaneous
Food bloggers

Food is definitely our first love and everything else follows. Don’t you agree?

A delicious meal can add that extra zeal to your day. Want get some serious food goals? Just scrounge through some of the platforms of famous food bloggers. They are loaded with lists of good restaurants to try, food specialities, and have a journal of food recipes.

It’s kind of mesmerising to follow what they are cooking, which restaurants they are trying or what food they are eating. So, we did our own bit of research and compiled a list of eight food bloggers (in no particular order) to watch out for in 2018.

Keeping a track of their activities, let’s warn you, we couldn’t keep our hands off food. You too brace yourself. Top 8 Indian food bloggers coming your way.


1. Swati Sucharita – Eatopian Chronicles


Swati Sucharita 


Swati Sucharita is what we call an ‘All-in-one’ person – she has been a part of print journalism for almost three decades, presently runs her content consultancy and is also a full-time blogger.


She started her personal blog under the name ‘Eatopian Chronicles.’ Her blog covers wide repertoire of cuisines and chefs. She says, “Very recently, I had the privilege of tasting Bohri food for the first time and I thought it was one of the most underrated cuisines. And that is the beauty of the cultural diversity of Indian cuisines, there is so much more to explore... "


That’s true, isn’t it? You’d be delighted to know that she had also curated an Odia food festival held at The Park, Hyderabad, and is now working towards the promotion of Odia cuisine which is quite obscure.


So the next time you’re looking to try out different cuisines and want an expert opinion on it, head over to Eatopian Chronicles. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


And when we asked her about her favourite restaurant or food, what came out was a delicious list of cuisines, “While my favoured cuisine is pan Asian (and specifically Thai and Vietnamese) since I am based out of Hyderabad, I do appreciate the culinary legacy and finesse of Hyderabadi Kacchi gosht biryani and haleem. At the same time, I prefer the more robust and spicy Andhra/Rayalaseema food, such as gongura mamsam, pepper rasam and also the Telangana hottie, paachi pulusu, which is a delicious tamarind-hot green chillies concoction.”


Is it getting hard to resist already?


She loves to interact and enjoy a good rapport with chefs and F&B professionals in the industry. There is also a blogging community to which she belongs and enjoys being a part of. This is just a fraction of things that inspire her to blog.



2. Archana Doshi – Archana’s Kitchen


Archana Doshi


The second blogger on our list is Archana Doshi, founder of Archana's Kitchen and an accomplished entrepreneur for the last 9.5 years.


She is a software engineer who turned into a food blogger because her heart couldn’t keep away from experimenting with food. She says, “Over the years, as I cooked for friends and family, the single most problem which they would share with me was they found cooking too difficult and intimidating. I would listen and tell them, "It's not difficult, just start experimenting with ingredients and things will slowly start falling into place". I realised, it was easier for me to say that and harder for them to do. This is when I switched careers and built Archana’s Kitchen.”


Archana's Kitchen is India's leading recipe-and-food-discovery website that gives the world credible and confident ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. It has millions of readers using the recipes and videos enhanced with rich content such as menu plans, special diets, dinner ideas, lunch box ideas, and more.


And you’d be surprised to know that they have 250+ writers on their platform. That’s huge!


The team at Archana’s kitchen is constantly innovating with new recipes and looking to provide healthier cooking techniques. They are working to ensure that they retain our rich culture and heritage when it comes to food.


Archana’s vision is to touch every home and every heart through the power of home cooking and that's what keeps her going. And, she truly hopes Archana's Kitchen can be the key driver for years to come.


3. Karthik Gandhi – Gastro Hogger


Karthik Gandhi


Are you a biryani lover? Do you know where to get the best biryani in Hyderabad?


Karthik Gandhi is a hardcore biryani lover. No, I’m not saying it because he’s from Hyderabad, but when we asked him to share his favourite food this is what he had to say, “Being a Hyderabadi, the dum biryani by itself cannot be ignored. For me, it’s almost like my bloodline of blogging. I can eat at any kind of places and review them but at the end of the day when my craving goes high, it’s only for biryani. A true Hyderabadi will know the difference between a biryani and a wannabe biryani pulao. The moment someone says “veg biryani", my blood boils. Because there’s nothing called veg biryani and pulao is definitely not biryani. #BiryaniAddicts will echo this. There can be biryani stall in every gully but still, the city has got only less than maybe 20 odd places that connect with foodies in terms of authenticity and flavors.


I'm still a biryani virgin and still haven’t dined in all the legendary places with few still pending like Mohini's, Bawarchi RTC X-roads and few more.”


Now you know why I said it. He gives us some serious biryani goals. So next time, you’re in Hyderabad and looking for best biryani suggestions, you know whom to follow.


We quickly asked him to pick his top 5 favourite places to eat in Hyderabad, here’s the list – 

  • Meridian, Panjagutta
  • Cafe Bahar, Basheerbagh
  • Grand Hotel & Restaurants, Abids
  • Shahi Dastarkhwan, Red hills
  • Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar

How many places have you already covered? In case you bump into our Gastro Hogger, don’t forget to say hi!



4. Adarsh Munjal – The Big Bhookad


Adarsh Munjal


Aj khaane mein kya hai?”, is something we ask daily.

Well, Adarsh Munjal, a 29-year-old food writer turned food critic turned food entrepreneur from Mumbai, has his world revolving around the same question every day.

He kickstarted his blog ‘The Big Bhookad’ in 2009 after realising his passion for food. Although he had plans to pursue a post-graduation course in food production and culinary arts at an esteemed institute in Abu Dhabi, when that didn’t work out he chased his foodie dreams by becoming a blogger.

He says, “Food is very subjective and customisable. I strongly believe in the authenticity of traditional homemade recipes but I usually end up only making breakfast for myself, almost every day and don't end up cooking my other two meals of the day. My friends say I make delicious masala-cheese omelettes and badass kadak masala chai (or creamy and strong cold coffee) too. You can get in touch with me on social media for as many recipes you'd like to get from me or even if you're interested in acquiring any of my mom's traditional desi recipes.”

So, what’s for breakfast today? Kadak Masala Chai and Cheese Omelettes!


5. Priyanjana & Rudra – The Foodie Land Blog



The Foodie Land Blog was started by Rudra and Priyanjana, the co-founders of the blog, who decided to document their food journey and in the process help their friends out. Being a couple who loves food, they were famous amongst friends as the "ones who know where to eat". And that’s how the blog came into existence.

When we asked them to share their passion for food, they said, “We love food! Our taste buds crave various flavours and we want to explore all sorts of local cuisines, as well as latest food trends, and the list is actually endless. So to sum up, our will to document our journey helped start Foodie Land Blog and the will to check everything on the list keeps us going.”

We were feeling too tempted by their Instagram posts, so we thought we’ll give you a sneak peek too.


The Foodie Land Blog


If they’re already your favourite blogger now, let’s tell you what type of food and place they prefer to eat.

Both of us have different preferences when it comes to food. Priyanjana is more keen on trying everything vegetarian and seafood. Rudra tends to gravitate towards all sorts of meaty dishes. So we find it interesting to come across places that cater to both our requirements while surprising us.”



6. Ankiet Gulabani – Belly Over Mind


Ankiet Gulabani


Whether you’re an amateur cook, a seasoned one, a trained chef, or just someone who likes to look at food but never cook it, Belly Over Mind blog is a great place to brainstorm for ideas.

And the man behind it is Ankiet Gulabani. He doesn’t do restaurant reviews because he thinks there are already too many bloggers and more established restaurant critics to help you with that. Instead, he wanted a recipe website.

He says, “I wanted to create a recipe website that inspires one to cook at home. The recipes are approachable, and while they may sound fancy, are made with ingredients available to us locally, which is the biggest pull. And what keeps me going is the zeal to learn more and constantly add to my culinary skill set. There’s so much to learn from chefs around the world, and I’m only just getting started.”

He also shared the name of his favourite restaurant and dish with us. Any guesses?
(Hint: He belongs to ‘Bombay’)

It’s The Bombay Canteen!

He says, “The Bombay Canteen is a restaurant I love because of the way it highlights indigenous seasonal produce from India. It’s difficult to choose a single recipe from the blog that I love though, but off the top of my head, my favourite is Sindhi mutton curry or teevan."


7. Surya Sharma – Foodiepreneur


Surya Sharma


Surya Sharma has his mother to thank for his interest in food. He says, “My mother has been my biggest inspiration and a huge support for my food blogging. I love her passion for food and she clearly is the biggest foodie in my house.

Surya Sharma, an entrepreneur by hobby and a foodie by heart, loves unravelling hidden gems around Pune and giving people a different take towards vegetarian food. He started his journey by writing on Zomato first in 2015 and since then, he has come a long way to completely getting involved in food blogging and other PR activities.

Being in the food industry for more than two years now, he has gained enough knowledge for food and restaurant consultation. He says, “Being a food blogger you get deeply involved in the food industry. There’s more to food than just eating it blindly. Working closely with restaurateurs we do have insights about the effort a restaurant puts in, to create an experience for their customers.”

Aspiring food bloggers, are you taking notes? He also adds, “Just be yourself. Try to add uniqueness to your blog which again would be your personality. Be consistent with your work and always keep your feet on the ground.”


8. Mohit Balachandran – Chowder Singh


Mohit Balachandran


Do you know what Mohit Balachandran aka Chowder Singh and Munna Bhai have in common?

They think, “Drink juice, play carrom, and life's sorted.“ That’s their motto in life.

Mohit Balachandran is a hardcore street food lover. He started his blogging journey in 2011 with the intention of sharing his Indian food finds with all of us. He believes that the country is so rich in culture and cuisine that there's so much to explore and learn.

We couldn’t agree more with him. Our country has many forms of cuisine and even if we dedicate our whole life exploring it all, it still wouldn’t be enough.

We liked the subtleness of his Instagram account.


Chowder Singh Instagram


In his blog description, you’d find some useful tips about food. He says that it’s best to stick to busy places as more or less these will have food that’s fresh. He also advises everyone to avoid uncooked stuff like chutneys. Now, that’s something worth pondering over.

Are you having major food goals after reading all about our top Indian food bloggers?

Tell us who stole your heart after reading his/her blogging story in the comment section below and you might get noticed by your favourite blogger. It’s a one-time opportunity you don’t want to miss.

We’re waiting!


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