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Top 5 Beauty Bloggers In Hyderabad

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 22-Mar-2018 - Expert Roundup
Hyderabad Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers are constantly serving us great beauty tips, product reviews, and makeup routines. Whether you’re looking for a real feel of swatches of lipsticks before purchasing one online or a detailed review of the latest launched skincare product – you’ve perhaps at one point of your time turned to beauty blogs to look for their opinions and choices.


So we decided to shine light on top 5 Hyderabad beauty bloggers who started the right conversation about beauty. These passionate beauty enthusiasts have mastered the art of make-up, are loaded with beauty hacks, bring out their grandmother’s home remedies, and know the inside-out of beauty care products for every skin type.


We were keen to reach out to them to know more about their blogs and how they keep up with the daily changing trends. They do give us some serious make-up goals. Read on to know about their stories (in no particular order of ranking) and don’t forget to follow them, we already have!


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1. Ishna Rawlani – The Runway Journal


Ishna Rawlani Beauty Blogger


Here’s a beauty blogger who calls herself a French-fry monster. You can imagine how awesome she is.


Yes, I’m talking about Ishna Rawlani who is a lifestyle and beauty blogger at ‘The Runway Journal’. She likes to try new things, take fashion risks and make a statement out of it.


When we asked her what inspired her to become a full-time blogger, this is what she had to say, “I was very much intrigued by fashion since I was in college. I loved to write a lot, so my passion for writing and the combination of loving fashion and beauty brought me to where I am today.”


Do you know why she is our favourite? Take a sneak-peak into her Instagram account and you will always spot her eating. How cool is that?


And if you’re eager to get one beauty hack from her, read it here. “Wash your face at least twice a day, definitely wear sunscreen and moisturise a lot. Use a good face moisturiser; load it up before you sleep. It really helps your skin to have that glow after you wake up.  Before I sleep I apply my night serum to keep that glow throughout the next day!”


She has also started with a lot of YouTube videos lately. You can subscribe to her channel and get tons of beauty tip.


2. Megha Saraf – Makeup and Beauty Treasure


Megha Saraf Beauty Blogger


Next on our list is Megha Saraf, who has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


She keeps her blog ‘Makeup and Beauty Treasure’ updated daily and offers detailed and honest reviews of products related to beauty, fashion, gadgets, jewellery, nails, and all things pretty.


“I have always been fond of makeup and love giving advice about the products and services. I have tried to my friends and family. Blogging is a great way to have them well documented. My blog Makeup and Beauty Treasure not only helps my readers but also me to go back and look at what things suited me and what things did not work for me.”


Who would’ve thought of one’s own blog as a self-guiding factor? The fascinating Megha!


Her Instagram is loaded with pictures of beauty products, but rarely would you find her own face there. Why? Because she thinks she is not a photogenic person and a bit shy. We think she’s pretty. Don’t you want to see live swatches of products on her face? We do.


We can only hope she changes her mind and starts doing make-up looks soon. Are you listening, Megha?


As for daily beauty regimen, she says, “It should take you at least half the time you put on makeup to remove your makeup. You will never face breakouts if you remove your makeup well.”


So girls, always make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed religiously if you want flawless skin.


3. Chandana Munipalle – The Girl at First Avenue


Chandana Munipalle Beauty Blogger


Keeping it simple, Chandana Munipalle’s best beauty tip is to avoid products with chemicals.


She says, “I don’t use too many products with chemicals. My daily routine is just to drink lots of water, cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Exfoliation and fruit facials and cleanups are something I do every alternate week or month. And the most important is to eat the right food, because without the right kind of diet no amount of products will help you get healthy skin.”


That’s the best mantra we’ve ever heard. Don’t you agree?


She has had a penchant for creativity since childhood, and this took the shape of her blog ‘The Girl at First Avenue’. It started off as a hobby blog and soon grew to have an influential online presence.


She gets her inspiration from travelling, and that’s why she calls herself a travel and fashion blogger first, and then a beauty one.


She prefers to keep her make-up very simple and natural. You will be amazed to see the number of beauty brands she has collaborated with – from Maybelline, Banjaras, and VLCC, to Nykaa, Garnier, and many more.


In her words, “The process of creating content (written and visual) is what keeps me going.”


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4. Meenakshi Pamnani – The Shimmer Tales


Meenakshi Pamnani Beauty Blogger


A YouTuber and a beauty blogger, Meenakshi Pamnani likes to add a bit of bling to everything. She feels that every girl needs a little glitter to give her that magical touch.


Her blog name ‘The Shimmer Tales’ is enough justification to that.


Not restricted to only beauty, Meenakshi Pamnani has her blog filled with fashion, food, DIY, and lifestyle. She started her blog in 2010 and has come a long way to collaborate with big beauty brands.


If you want to stay updated with newly launched products in the market, learn about quick 11 home tips to get rid of pimples, or about her daily acne routine with Biotique – head over to her blog. You would find everything under one single roof, without having to skim through thousands of blogs.


Did you know there’s a thing called hair scrub? Yes, it exists and was recently launched by Body Care. I bet, half of you might not have been aware of it until now.


And, how did we come across this product? The Shimmer Tale’s beauty blog of course! Bookmark it now.


Follow her on Instagram here.


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5. Dimple Harika – A Fashionista’s Diary


Dimple Harika Beauty Blogger


Another name on our list of Hyderabad beauty bloggers is Dimple Harika.


Despite being an engineer, she decided to follow her dreams and turned into a full-time blogger.


“I’ve always loved getting dolled up and enjoyed playing dress up since childhood. Instagram was the place where it has all started by posting pretty random pictures which instantly brought in appreciation and queries related to beauty and fashion. It started off as a hobby but soon got converted into my profession.”


In life, we need courage to follow our dreams. And she has shown us just that.


When we asked her what keeps her going, she had her readers and followers to thank, “The amount of love and support showered by all the followers and readers is what keeps me going ahead and strive hard each day.”


She strictly advises following a good skin care routine. In her words, “CTM i.e. cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Do it twice in a day – morning and night before going to bed.

  • Exfoliate all the dead skin away twice a week with a good exfoliating scrub 
  • Apply face packs once a week

Don’t forget to apply a good SPF before stepping out in the sun.”


It doesn’t end here. She suggests not to overdo the usage of creams and cosmetics, to keep it minimal, and let your skin breathe.


“Lastly, drink plenty of water and include fruits and veggies every day for the naturally glowing skin.”


Well, that was enlightening, wasn’t it?


So, who’s your favourite Hyderabad beauty blogger?


If you haven’t chosen your favourite yet, or can’t decide whom to choose – we advise you to follow all of them. They’re not going to disappoint you and if you aspire to become a beauty blogger yourself, there’s a lot to learn from their style.


Tell us what you think about the article in the comment section below. And if you think you know of a beauty guru who we might’ve missed out on, let us know.  We might feature them on our next beauty blogger series. You never know!


Keep an eye on the page to know more.


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