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Top 5 Beauty Bloggers In Bangalore

by Team Salebhai - 05-Mar-2018 - Expert Roundup
Bloggers In Bangalore

The much-acclaimed American jeweller Harry Winston rightly said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” And believe me, some of us take it very seriously. And why not! Who doesn’t love attention? It is a universal desire afterall – to be appreciated, to look good, and to fetch as many compliments as possible. It definitely holds true for at least all the females around the world. We all agree to that, right?


Learning never stops. Nor does loving yourself. Expert guidance always helps. Today, we are going to introduce you to the top five beauty bloggers in Bangalore. Rest assured, all the bloggers and their popular blogs listed below (in no particular order) will overwhelm you with their exclusive style and swag.


Makeup tip

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1- Priyanjana Roy - Moonshine and Sunlight


Priyanjana Roy

This hardworking techie-cum-blogger proves the adage, “Dreams don’t work unless you do,” absolutely right. Meet Priyanjana Roy – the glamorous face behind the famous fashion and beauty blog – Moonshine And Sunlight. An absolute inspiration for all the aspiring beauty freaks out, there don’t forget to follow this style diva for latest tips on fashion, nail art, beauty, travel ideas, and even some interesting DIY crafts. She started the blog in 2013, while she was still pursuing her graduate degree in telecommunication and shaped it up steadily to make it look like what it does today – relatable and impressive.

Working full-time as a techie and managing a  blog definitely doesn't sound like a cake walk! We salute her enduring spirit and style.

The stunning blogger has 2792 followers on Facebook, 3380 on Twitter, and 13.9k on Instagram. It is time you follow her on social media too.

Tips from Priyanjana

Beauty tip

Try out products, but stick to what works for you to make your skin look healthy. Whitening, brightening, and lightening are scams. The key to having a beautiful skin is good food, hydrating yourself, and using natural products to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Makeup tip

Apply your foundation mixed with a bit of aloe vera gel to keep it on for longer.


Do what you are comfortable with. If a face full of makeup is what you like, do that. If a lip balm is all you need, do that. No one else should decide what you have to feel comfortable with.


2- Shalini Chopra - Stylish By Nature

 Shalini Chopra

Talk of grace, talk of Shalini Chopra! While her followers vouch for this, we suggest the ones who are not following her do it right away. There is of course a reason why this glamour queen has 182,707 followers on Facebook, 20,640 on Twitter, 199 k on Instagram, and 1,985 subscribers on YouTube. Her blog – Stylish By Nature – talks about the most happening fashion and beauty tips. The helpful reviews on latest gadgets and some must-visit travelling destinations are a bonus that her blog has to offer. Her lookbook is an absolute eye-candy. Hold your breath and check it out now! If style is what keeps you going, you’ll surely be bowled over by the ease with which this fashionista carries herself – whether she is in the most chic bridal avatar or in the most casual attire by-the-beach.


Shalini – a true-blue fashionista from childhood – was ranked as the top Indian Fashion Blogger for three consecutive years – 2014, 2015, and 2016. She has bagged many other national and international awards as well.


In her blog, she urges all the fashion freaks to join the gang and take "Stylish By Nature" attitude to a whole new level altogether.

Tips from Shalini

Style Tip

Make sure you have the basics/must-haves in your wardrobe that fit you well. Rest, you can play with trends anytime.

Makeup Tip

Healthy skin is the BEST makeup base. So never ignore your skin health.


3- Sartorial Secrets - Nandini Swaminathan

 Nandini Swaminathan

How can our talk about bloggers in Bangalore be complete without talking about this one. The fact that Sartorial Secrets is owned and managed by a duo – mother Radha Swaminathan and daughter Nandini Swaminathan – wins over many hearts instantly. But that’s not just it. What makes this badass team stand out is the touch of art and novelty they add to their blogs, fashion sense, and ideas of beauty. If you want to stay tuned to the latest events and news in the international fashion market, trending products, and more, you must follow her on various social media platforms. Nandini – a graduate in English (honours) from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College (DU) – started Sartorial Secrets in 2015. This beautiful social media and digital marketing professional has worked for renowned companies such as Yahoo, Chumbak, and Mygola. The full-time blogger is already making a dent in the world of fashion with a whopping 7134 followers on Facebook, 2162 on Twitter, and 22.9k on Instagram. She was also a finalist at the Better Homes and Gardens and Social Samosa Influencer Awards 2017 as Best Luxury Beauty Blogger in India. The talented blogger was shortlisted from over 300 entries.

Tips from Nandini

Makeup tip

Add a little vaseline to your highlighter for extra glow. And to find your perfect foundation, apply it on the side of your face and wait till it dries – for the right shade.

Favourite beauty quote

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.


4- Sahana Ramanand - Glamour Journals


Sahana Ramanand

An engineer by qualification, a UX designer by profession, and a beauty and fashion blogger by heart – that is just how versatile our next top blogger Sahana Ramanand is. A rigorous beauty, makeup, and fashion enthusiast, this gorgeous blogger slays in whatever she wears. So much oomph and elegance!


When asked how does she balance her job and blog together, she said, “I juggle a full-time job as a UX designer with blogging. It can get too much sometimes, but I find that blogging keeps me sane as I am quite passionate about everything to do with fashion and beauty and love sharing my experiences, tips, and inspiration with people.” We doff our hats to this beauty’s indefatigable zeal and diligence. And like they say, hard work does pay off. Sahana has a massive fan following on social media – with about 19722 followers on Facebook, 1253 on, Twitter, and 38k on Instagram. Her blog – Glamour Journals – is one of the most popular blogs and has all you need to know and learn about beauty and fashion. Don’t forget to check out her easy-breezy makeup and hairstyle tutorials and be aptly ready for every occasion – big or small.


Fun fact : The blogger has a very strong passion  for one more thing – and that is books. So crazy is she about books that at one point she wanted to be a librarian just to be surrounded by books all the time.

Tips from Sahana

Fashion tip


We all want to look chic and well put-together. But let's be honest; we are either too lazy/busy to actually put in the required hours. My one tip to look chic without the effort is to own two to three pairs of chic footwear. No matter how shabby the rest of your outfit is, if your shoes are shiny, you will always look stylish and groomed. Try it out.


5- Smita Roy Majumder - Skulls and Tulles


Smita Roy Majumder

Looking for a makeover? You are at the right place. Smita Roy Majumder –  wardrobe consultant, fashion stylist, founder, and creative head of her blog Skulls and Tulles – has an experience of over seven years in the fashion, makeover, and grooming industry. Her personal style can best be described as sporty and modish.  You can check out a rather impressive collection of her collaborations, product reviews, fashion-related news and updates on her blog. Her out-of-the-box hairdos and makeup style definitely give us a lot to try from and experiment with. This super-stylish blogger believes in budget shopping and never misses a chance to indulge in seasonal sales and purchase from thrift shops. About 1690 followers on Facebook, 1104 on Twitter, and 18.1k on Instagram are taking inspiration from her all-new sense of styling everyday. We suggest you do too!

Tips from Smita

Beauty tip

Rub your face with ice as an usual skin-care routine at night – right after cleansing and before using toner and serum. This tightens the pores and helps preventing acne breakouts. Plus, the skin feels soft and supple in the morning.


This can also be done before applying makeup – for the makeup to last longer.

Get set and rock it

Is the diva in you all-set to slay? Follow the style tips the most-happening bloggers in Bangalore have for you and let yourself be an inspiration for others.


Hey, don’t forget to check out what the top fashion and beauty bloggers in Delhi and Mumbai are upto.


At the cost of repetition, let us come to a close with this much-cliched but most important tip for a beautiful you.

 Tip for healthy skin

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