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Top 5 Beauty Bloggers From Pune

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 27-Apr-2018 - Expert Roundup
 Pune beauty bloggers

You must be surprised to see hundreds of bloggers in the web world. But, are they all genuine? Well, it’s time to open up your eyes and not believe in anything and everything that you find on the internet. For instance, it’s imperative to find the best beauty bloggers who actually know what they are penning down about skin care, make-up, and beauty tips. After all, you don’t want advice that does more harm than good. Right?


Fortunately, we have done some homework to ease out your confusion. All you beautiful ladies in Pune, you can now keep this list handy and follow these top beauty bloggers from your city. They are stylish, intelligent, and needless to say, bold and beautiful too. Check out the secrets they have in their beauty treasure box which can do wonders for your skin, and your confidence.


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Based on our research and study on best beauty bloggers of Pune, we came to know two aspects about them which would be a big help to you. Firstly, you can get an alluring glimpse into their happening lifestyle. Secondly, and most valuable, you can get legitimate tried-and-tested tips on skin care, beauty products, make-up tips, and lots more.


So here we are, introducing top-notch beauty bloggers from the creative city Pune (not ranked in any order).


1. Aleena Macker – THESTYLECHAIR


Aleena Macker


Introducing Aleena Macker – a beauty blogger, professional hairstylist, make-up stylist, travel-o-holic, and fitness freak. She is indeed an artist. Wait, we are not yet done. She is the creative director at Sherie’s Salon in Pune too! With an experience of more than a decade in the beauty world, this expert shares amazing secrets with all of us on a regular basis.


When we asked her for a tip on beauty, she was quick to share it with us. Here it is. “With the summer season right here, a lot of you with oily skin (like myself) seem to have the worst time possible. Here is a quick home remedy for oily skin. Just before applying your moisturizer and makeup, quickly rub an ice on your face as this will help closing the pores for a while and reduce the oil secretion for a while.”


She picks up interesting and helpful topics for her blogs, and they are incredibly informative. One look at them and you’ll go wow. Her blog on benefits of multani mitti and monsoon hair woes says it all. Aleena has some excellent message for aspiring bloggers too; she says, “Remember the Two C's rule. Content & consistency are the keys, good content & consistency with posting will take any blog a long way.”


That’s so correct! And it’s appreciable Aleena.


She consistently uploads videos and blogs on beauty on her YouTube channel and blog site. You can subscribe to her channel and follow her on her instagram page too. Here’s a screenshot of her instagram profile.


Aleena insta profile


One of her favourite lines is, “Be Yourself & Shine On."


So girls, did you read that?


2. Lipika Biswas – Lebecca Fashion


Lipika Biswas


Next on our list is Lipika Biswas – a beauty and lifestyle blogger by passion and a fashion designer by profession. She offers priceless beauty tips that you would love to try. Besides beauty and fashion, she loves photography, travelling, and sketching too. A multi-talented person indeed!


We found some enlightening details on her blog while we were trying to take a sneak peek into it, and we were really impressed. Especially with some of her thought-provoking statements.


We often confuse between style and fashion. If you ask me, I would simply say that fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style and that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. I truly believe in one thing and that is fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment and where you are going. It need not be bright and loud, it just has to be the real “you”, the beautiful “you”.


This is deep and we agree with you Lipika.


Skincare Products


We really liked her instagram profile, you should also check it out. We are following her cheerful style and we’re sure you will too after you see this snap.


Lipika insta profile


When we asked Lipika to share a quick beauty tip, she was considerate enough to give us not one but lots of them. Here are a few that we think are important for every woman, especially in this scorching heat.


“Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate: It is equally necessary to keep hydrating throughout the day with water and fresh fruit juices. Remember! You will look good from outside only if you are healthy from inside.”


“Lips Protection: Use a waterproof lip pencil all over your lips and apply a layer of a moisturizing balm. Apply a lip balm with SPF before applying any other lip products and it is essential to protect your lips from the sun.”


This was just a trailer, for more amazing tips on beauty, follow her on all her social media channels.


3. Sonya – SonyaHashtagged




Sonya is obsessed with beauty and fashion, and she invites us to gain benefits from her obsession. That’s amazingly smart. But wait, she’s not a blogger who writes just anything on her page. Rather, she works with precision and only pens down tried-and-tested content. She ensures that she offers make-up tips that will not damage your skin in any way.


Organic Products


When we asked her for beauty tips, she was quick to jot down some excellent tips for every woman’s healthy skin. Here they are –


“When it comes to day to day makeup, less is more. Instead of applying a layer of eye shadow primer, just pat on some loose powder all over your lids and it will absorb all the oil and leave a smooth surface for eye shadow application and will stay that way.”


“Invest in a good makeup remover / cleanser. It will be worth your bucks, I promise!! And never sleep with your makeup on or wear it for more than 8-9 hrs. To avoid that, throw a pack of makeup removing wipes in your bag and keep one near your bed for those days when you’re extra tired or too drunk to deep clean your skin hehe”.


Interesting tips Sonya!


You can follow her instagram profile and stay tuned in to her blog page for some more cool and excellent updates on beauty. We have her instagram screenshot here.


Sonya insta profile


Isn’t it amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Hit the follow button now.


4. Roshni Kapoor – Haute Manmzel




Not every blogger is an innovator. Luckily, we found one who innovates her own trends. Roshni is one of the most popular beauty and fashion bloggers in Pune who likes to share her beauty and styling ideas with like-minded people.


She not just inspires a lot of girls and women with her ideas but also puts in her time and effort in understanding what’s trending through her deep interests in online marketing and social media. This is not all. She also grooms and judges fashion shows. Yes, that’s right. She played an important part in the judges panel for shows such as Smitten, Pune Winter Carnival, Mr. & Miss Pune 2013, and more.


We’re impressed by what she does. She has a brilliant beauty tip for all of us, “Summers are here – and how! Before you dream of pleasant warm mornings and beach holidays, summer heat can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and tanning.


Solution: Aloe vera comes to the rescue for a lot of skin problems. During summers, especially, it turns into a soothing balm, cooling off your skin after a long day in the sun.


Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. It calms the skin and nourishes it intensely. It also contains antioxidants that protect your skin from damage.”


We’re definitely going to try aloe vera. And we suggest, you should too.


Natural Skincare Products






Ms. P aka Trisha is an industrial designer by profession. After getting to know her through her blogs and social media handles, we say, besides being beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger – she is an educator too. She teaches and encourages her readers by giving honest reviews on beauty products.


We got a smart tip from her, for you. Take a look.


“To the folks who are interested in skincare and ask me for recommendation I often tell them that they "buy less but buy good". By that I mean that they should invest in few good skincare products rather than buying many inexpensive and not-so-good products. It's good for them and the environment. I use the hashtag #investingoodskin often when I am talking about this subject. I understand as influencers we are almost always under pressure to coax people to buy more but I am against that philosophy.”


Didn’t we tell you she’s trustworthy? It’s difficult to find such honest people around.


Another interesting and impressive fact we got to know about her is, she creates black and white illustrations to educate readers about ingredients they need to know, why it’s important to read labels before buying, and so on. We have a couple of them for you.


Trisha illustration 1

Trisha illustration 2


For more such creative and insightful beauty information, check out her blog and do follow her on instagram.


Well, each of the five beauty bloggers from Pune is special for us. We would like to thank them personally for sharing their precious beauty tips with us.


Which tip did you like the most? Who is your favourite from the list? Let us know what you feel by leaving your inputs in the comment section below. We would be glad to hear from you.

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