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Top 10 Summer Drinks To Soothe And Stimulate Your Soul

by SaleBhai Team - 29-May-2017 - Foods & Drinks

- Suhani Singh (Assistant Manager, SaleBhai)

What are you doing this summer? Well, I am making the most of the season and treating myself with the best it has to offer. From chilled fruit shakes, crushes, refreshing sherbets, to some seasonal fruits such as mangoes, bel, litchis, watermelon, and much more.
While some enjoy this season, others feel beaten down by the scorching heat, sultry atmosphere, and blazing sun. However one thing that is common between you, me, and everyone else is the love for a revitalising drink any time of the day.


Are you drinking enough?

Summers can seriously take a toll on some of us – with the body perpetually losing more fluids than it consumes. Constant sweating is the main reason for that. This time of the year, the focus shifts from eating to healthy drinking: water, of course, being the first choice – a natural hydrator that keeps the body fresh and balanced. Nonetheless, liquid consumption in the form of some sumptuous cool summer drinks also help in keeping the body refreshed and hydrated.


We all have favourites. How about trying something new this summer? Change is always good. And also, why say no to variety? After all each drop of liquid matters to calm your nerves in the overwhelming heat.


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Have you been experiencing any of these -

  • Nausea that refuses to go
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Repeated headaches
  • Irrational irritability
  • Dried-up mouth
  • Frequent bouts of restlessness
  • Hardened stool
  • Infrequent urination
  • Uncalled for giddiness


If you nodded your head in agreement to any of these, you had better increase your fluid intake. These are all signs of dehydration – some severe, some mild – deserving immediate rectification.
According to the National Institute of Medicine, a male should have 3 litres of water daily whereas a female should have 2 – all beverages included. So you now have a justified reason to indulge in your favourite juice, mocktail, or other summer drinks with primary attention still being on water.


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Add up these enlivening beverages to your must have summer drinks list

Traditional tangs


Our dear Deepika Padukone’s heart melts for this age-old beverage. Available from road-side vendors to five-star hotels – shikanji is an all-time favourite of all. This sweet and salty delight is quick to make and great to taste. You can even stock up some instant shikanji masala for those hectic days or surprise visitors.


Shikanji Quick Recipe

A glass of water, pinch of black salt, and sugar. You can experiment with the preparation by adding some mint leaves, rose petals, or crushed ginger in it. Serve it with ice cubes for best taste.


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We all have had this milk-based traditional drink at some point of time. Not only that, it is a preferred drink in many households owing to its unique taste and wholesome properties. The drink has many variants, most common being badaam and bhang thandai. While the festival of Mahashivratri and Holi are considered incomplete without this delicious beverage, it is relished on any regular day too. If you too are battling with a hectic schedule like everyone else, go for instant thandai powder – equally flavoursome and nourishing.

When summers give you mangoes add them to the thandai preparation to give it a mango-ey twist.


Thandai Quick Recipe

A glass of milk, cardamom, saffron, fennel seeds, sugar, pepper, almonds, watermelon seeds, rose petals, and vetiver seeds.
Bhang and mango can be added to the same glass of thandai for a change. Serve it chilled.


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Aam panna

King of summer drinks, this sweet-and-sour drink is considered a health tonic in India. It is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients and is a boon in summers. Besides being heat-resistant, it also helps in minimising the loss of sodium chloride and iron from the body in peak summers. What's more, it tastes awesome – stimulating and energising.
Did you know aam panna also increases body’s resistance against severe ailments such as tuberculosis, anemia, cholera, and dysentery?


Aam panna Quick Recipe

Raw mangoes, sugar, and select spices. Serve it straight out of the fridge and garnish it with fresh mint leaves to enhance the look and taste.


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Sumptuous sips


‘I grew up speaking English and Punjabi. Just living and working in Punjab and smelling the early morning air and sitting down and having paranthas and lassi and all that was marvellous,’ Kabir Bedi, T.V actor – a heartthrob of many in his times and still. This yogurt-based drinks is privileged to have more fans than any other. Available in both sweet as well as salty avatars, it is the most-preferred drink primarily in Punjab and other parts of North India. However it is savoured all over the country and beyond as well. The good news is it is not only tasty, but super healthy as well. So, have it to your heart’s content.
There is a whole lot to experiment with the drink. Add mango or litchi to this preparation in summers, apple any other time, or even some gulkand for a subtle yet noticeable tweak in the flavour.


Lassi Quick Recipe

Yogurt, salt, cumin seeds, and little bit of water for salty one.
Yogurt, sugar, and little bit of water for sweet one.
For fruit-flavoured lassi, add the pulp or finely chopped pieces of the fruit of your choice. Savour it chilled and frothy.


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Iced coffee with mint syrup

Yes, I agree it sounds a little weird. But I will call it out-of-the-box! The tinge of mint syrup in this distinctive concoction will liberate you of all the fatigue and coffee will of course do what it does best – keep you happy and pepped up. Ice and creamer will enhance the taste and the embellishment of freshly chopped mint leaves will tickle your taste buds playfully.


Iced Coffee With Mint Syrup Quick Recipe

Coffee powder, sugar, water, mint syrup, fresh mint leaves, and creamer. Refrigerate it and serve it that way. Check out the recipe here.


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Slimming squeezes

Apple cinnamon detox water

‘A systematic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illness,’ Lee Haney, former American IFBB professional and multiple-time record holder of the Mr Olympia title, opines. While we are at it, let us explore some healthy summer drinks option. Why not have something wholesome that helps in losing those extra kilos as well? Apples and cinnamon both elevate the body metabolism tremendously. These cool, sugar-free swigs of goodness will make you feel good about summers. The rampant sweating in the hot months clubbed with this invigorating drink will make sure that you step on the weighing machine with pride, unhesitantly.


Apple Cinnamon Detox Water Quick Recipe

Apples, cinnamon sticks, water, and ice.
Serve it super chilled. Check out the step-by-step recipe here.


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Cucumber lemon detox water

“I really like to sometimes go into food detox and eat very simple,” is Indian-born American actress, model, author, and producer Padma Lakshmi’s mantra to fitness. It is very normal to sometimes just skip the workout for no particular reason. After all, we all are struggling with demanding schedules that leave us with very little time for ourselves. Regular consumption of this detox water will make up for those lazy days quite successfully. Cool and healthy, it is the drink of your dreams that helps you stay fit and fresh.


Cucumber Lemon Detox Water Quick Recipe

Lemon, cucumber, ice, and water. Yes it is actually as simple as that! Try it out. Have it with lots of ice served with love.


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Glorious guzzles

Butterscotch apple crush

Return to the comfort of home and this two-in-one syrup will be waiting to quench your thirst for something cool and fortifying in a jiffy. You can mix this in chilled water to make a delicious crush or mix it in chilled milk to have your milkshake ready in minutes. Packed with the goodness of sweet apple pulp, it has a rare tinge of butterscotch flavour. This versatile beverage will surely become your favourite in no time.


Butterscotch Apple Crush Quick Recipe

Just order the best butterscotch flavoured apple crush online. Mix it in chilled water or milk. Serve it with a few ice cubes.


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Watermelon slush

Our mouths are already watering at the thought of this red delight relished by one and all. The perfect preparation will douse your thirst and tiredness in the most mouth-watering way possible. Let us agree, every time we savour this fruit, we wish that this particular fruit did not have any seeds. The fruits of patience are indeed sweet to taste. Trust me, the time spent to deseed the fruit to make this slush will be worth all the wait. Season it with a few mint leaves and black salt for an even more tempting look and zest.


Watermelon Slush Quick Recipe

Ripe watermelon, sugar, lime, crushed ice, and very little water. Serve it straight out of the fridge.


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Sandalwood sherbet

Last is never the least. It is time for some exotic sandalwood sherbet. Sandalwood is great for cooling the body inside out. It keeps the nerves calm even in harsh summers. This exceptional drink will be the high-point of your day with its soothing effect on your mind and body. Do remember to make it in abundance as you are not going to keep the glass away after just a couple of servings.


Sandalwood Sherbet Quick Recipe

Sandalwood powder, water, and sugar. Serve it iced straight out of the fridge.
Check out the recipe for this interesting beverage here.


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Author’s note

Even though we continue to harass nature in every way possible, nature does not stop blessing us with the best – unconditionally. Ever wondered why mango, litchi, bel, cucumber, and other natural summer specific extravagance is available only for a specific period of time? Well, because they are rich in properties beneficial to the body in the those towering temperatures only. The gifts of nature – lemon, mangoes, watermelon, apples and all the other fruits that nature bestows on us are best suited in the climate they bloom in.

Make the most of the ones abundantly available in summers to keep yourself away from dehydration.


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So what's your verve mantra this summer? Detoxifying, vitalising, or both? Increase the gamut of your drinking choices and pamper your body with the best there is. You can even extend the goodness by offering these luscious summer drinks to friends as well as near and dear ones.
Wishing you a very happy summer with the best of health.


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