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The Best Kondapalli Toys You Can Buy Online

by Team SaleBhai - 15-Nov-2017 - Decor & lifestyle
Kondapalli Toys

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Nestled amidst the hills of Andhra Pradesh, Kondapalli is famous worldwide for its hand-crafted wooden toys and dolls, which are popularly known as Kondapalli toys. The origin of the craft dates back to the 16th century. Yes, it is that old and the artisans of Kondapalli toys were known as Aryakhastriyas. 


Kondapalli toys have created a niche of their own in the world of Indian handicrafts. Their popularity has spread worldwide with connoisseurs marvelling at the intricate details carved and the rich splendour of bright and distinct colours. These small wonders are made of light soft wood called puniki, which is a rich species of fauna found in nearby Kondapalli Hills and can be easily crafted into many shapes.


Different parts of the toys are carved out separately and then the parts are glued together with an adhesive made of crushed tamarind seeds. The toys are smoothed and painted with natural colours, vegetable dyes, oils, and enamel paint which brings beauty to the product and elevates the detailing of art.


Over the centuries, Kondapalli artisans have been crafting toys that depict humanity in any form – rural folks, palanquin-bearers carrying the bride and bridegroom, cobblers; divinity in the form of mythological gods, plants, animals, and much more. With so many options, it can be hard to choose the one best amongst the lot. That’s why we bring you a list of the best Kondapalli toys that you can buy online and adorn your home.


1. For Those In a Festive Mood


Wooden Palanquin Figurine


Is anyone in the family getting married? Or any close and dear ones? We have a beautiful Wooden Palanquin Figurine to add to your collection of quaint decorative items. 


This charming artefact carries a seated, married couple amidst the joyous celebrations of their wedding. The statuette  is enchantingly designed with vibrant strokes of colours that add to the cheerfulness. The figurine is sure to remind you about the ancient culture of India, where noble travellers often used palanquins to travel from one place to another. Place it somewhere prominently in your drawing room or gift it to loved ones who are going to get married soon. We are sure they will love it completely. 


Wine Set


2. For The Love of Music 


Classical Musicians Figurine


Who is your favourite band? Is music something you can’t do without? Music and celebrations are an cultural part of Indian rural life.


There is an air of vibrancy and gaiety about the wooden handicraft. Crafts Terrain Kondapalli Wooden Classical Musicians Female Figurine depicts three brightly attired female artists playing different instruments. One look at it and you will be charmed by its exquisite carving. The craftsmanship of the Kondapalli artisan is evident in the fine detailing and finish. 


Band troop Figurine


Or if that wasn’t enough, we have a whole band troop Figurine for you. An exclusive piece for the decorative item, these Kondapalli toys add a traditional charm to your living space. It is a set of eight musicians wearing a red coloured uniform and playing different musical instruments. The wooden statues are painted in varied hues and this makes them look bright and beautiful. Each of them stands on an individual wooden platform. What’s best is that the artist beautifully captures each of their facial features in the statues.


3. For Depicting Rural Lifestyle


Village House


There’s always a calm serenity in villages. And whenever we visit these places, we get to know their ways of living are completely different from our own. This makes us appreciate not just our own lives but theirs too. 


Carved by skilled Kondapalli artisan Nageshwar Rao, Crafts Terrain Kondapalli Sankranti Celebrations Wooden Village House Figurine is an exquisite piece which depicts a scene of celebration in a village house.


Sankranti is a harvest festival celebrated all across India to mark the arrival of spring. The delight in which the family members are engaged in varied activities of the occasion has been captured brilliantly. The bright hue of the house, the clothes, and the overall artwork is sure an impressive art. 


Child playing Figurine


You can also buy the statuette of simple rural folk immersed in the gaiety of the festival – singing their heart out and engaged in varied activities. It is a very lively and charming representation of a slice of village life.  This decoration item in your home is sure to attract the attention of guests.


Marble Timepieces


4. For the Inner Child in You


 Kondapalli - Child playing Figurine


What brings true happiness? The innocence of the child’s heart. Our kondapalli artists beautifully capture the activities of the child’s lives in their intricately-crafted toys. 


Kondapalli Wooden Child Playing Village Games Figurine is an example of this vibrancy. This handcrafted piece is a set of six girls playing happily together. The finely detailed statues of the children with multicoloured clothes make the artwork a superb showpiece. Place it anywhere in the house; it will enhance your living space colourfully. 


Wooden Village House Figurine


Are you looking for the simplicity of an Indian countryside dwelling to adorn your living space? Crafts Terrain Wooden Village House Figurine enchants you with its vibrant shades to enhance your interiors. The sculpture outlines a woman sitting under a tree with a child on her lap while children around her play. This wooden handiwork beautifully illustrates village serenity with gentle strokes and vivid colours. A masterpiece, carved from tella poniki softwood, this figurine is meticulously handcrafted by the skilled artisan  Nageshwar Rao.


5. For the Animals Figurine


Kondapalli - Wooden Elephant


Flora and fauna are an integral part of Mother Nature. And understanding the beauty they add to our surroundings, our Kandapalli artisans have intricately handcrafted the animals’ figurines from tella poniki softwood. 


In Indian mythology, the representation of elephants can be traced back to millions of years. They were considered as one of the nine jewels after the demons and gods warred across the mighty oceans for the elixir of life. Crafts Terrain Wooden Elephant Figurine is carved with its trunk raised up, trumpeting in all its glory. Each of the delicate strokes in this majestic artefact has brilliant handwork and vivid colours. 


Kondapalli - Elephant mahout


There is also a mahout riding an elephant. Alongside, there is a decorated, vacant howdah with a canopy which seems to await the arrival of its occupant. One look at the statuette and you will be charmed by its elegance. Our Indian handicrafts reflect a quiet grace and sophistication. Keep it anywhere in your house and enjoy its exquisite radiance. 


Kondapalli - Bullock Cart Figurine


Bullock cart is a traditional symbol of the agrarian culture of India. Crafts Terrain Kondapalli Wooden Bullock Cart Figurine reflects a slice of this aspect of the country. The statuette depicts a cart drawn by a pair of oxen and a person leading them both. The aesthetically crafted figurines are carved out of high-quality softwood and hand painted by the skilled artisan, Nageshwar Rao. Decorate your home or gift it to your loved ones and add a touch of ethnicity to your home. 


Buddha Statue


These are the lists of our favourite Kondapalli dolls each with a theme so you can easily decide on which one is best suited for the occasion. Bring these exquisite pieces home and teach your children about the joys of playing with simple toys. With every Kondapalli toy you will have a story to tell your children and pass down old Indian culture to the new generation, so that it doesn’t get lost.


So next time you visit Kondapalli in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, don’t forget to thank a family of Kondapalli artists for their incredible art. Until then, order it from SaleBhai and decorate your home with these enchanting handicrafts.


Tell us what do you think about our list. We would love to hear from you. 

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