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The Best Corporate Gifts during Diwali for All Types of Company Budgets

by Team SaleBhai - 19-Aug-2017 - Cultures & Festivals
Best Corporate Gifts during Diwali

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Giving out corporate gifts has come to mean a lot today. Corporate gifts are a way of saying ‘you’re important to us’ which helps in increasing productivity of the company through customer/ employee satisfaction. It shows one that the company thinks of you and cares enough to shower you with well-thought of gifts and that you are on their mind during celebrations. This trend has grown to become a part of accepted corporate culture.


Numerous occasions call for gifting corporate gifts to strengthen the relationship with clients and employees.  This acknowledgment makes them feel that they belong there and are a part of the family. This Diwali don’t miss out on selecting the best gifts – one-of-their-kind – from SaleBhai, and make your employees and associates a satisfied lot.


How to Choose the Best Diwali Gifts


This Diwali, do the new! Light up your business by making both your employees and clients happy by sending out well-thought gifts to them.


We understand how choosing exclusive gifts can seem to be a daunting task – from picking the right gifts for the right occasion, to staying within budget. Corporate gifting is not only restricted to employees but also extends to company customers and clients too.  It is crucial that the right gift is delivered with careful thoughts.


That’s where SaleBhai comes into the picture. We are your one-stop e-commerce marketplace where you can discover a unique range of original products deep-rooted in our culture from different regions of India. And not only this, we have also come up with a sorted list of goods for all kinds of budgets – big to small, most importantly mentioning why the product is a right fit for you.


Read on further to know more about it –


1. Gold and silver wares


Puja Items


Gold and silver metals hold a sentimental value for all of us in India. And what better than gifting it on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. The word Dhanteras contains the word ‘Dhan’ which means wealth, and as we all celebrate Goddess Lakshmi in our office premises, gifting products made of silver or gold will hold a significant value for all.


From high to low range, here are the few products for you to choose from –


1.1 Traditional Gold Plated Puja Thali - Starting range INR 2250

Traditional Gold Plated Puja Thali

What makes it exclusive?

  • Gold-plated pure brass puja articles
  • Beautifully handcrafted by Jaipur artisans
  • Round thali with raised edges
  • Comes in red velvet-colored wooden box
  • Ideal festive gift


1.2 24 KT 0.5 G – 5 G Laxmi Gold Coin – Starting range INR 1900

Laxmi Gold Coin

Why is it authentic?

  • 24KT gold coin with engraving of Goddess Laxmi
  • Arrives in gift packaging
  • Lifetime warranty on gold
  • Weight of coin: 0.5g

 Rajasthani Handicrafts


1.3 Elegant Silver-Plated Brass Tea Set – Starting range INR 1522

Elegant Silver-Plated Brass Tea Set

Why is it timeless?

  • 5-piece silver-plated pure brass tea set
  • Octagon-shaped tray
  • Traditional & modern
  • Comes in rich velvet-covered wooden box


1.4 Elephant pattern Gold- & Silver-Plated Bowl – Starting range INR 350

Gold- & Silver-Plated Bowl

Why is it perfect?

  • Gold and silver plated brass bowl
  • Intricately handcrafted by Jaipur artisans
  • High-quality product to make recipient feel special
  • Comes in rich velvet-covered wooden box


2. Dry Fruit Box and Sweets



Dry fruits have many health benefits; they are rich in fibre, iron, potassium, and antioxidants. So why not gift your employees/clients a box of healthy dry fruits or a box of sweets, beautifully wrapped in a box? Impress them with your gift choosing ability and revel in all the compliments!


We offer organic dry fruits from Kashmir and sweets from top brands of India. Those are specially packed and offered during Diwali months for a touch of extravaganza. 


Dry Fruits Corporate Gift Combo Pack

You can also try the –


2.1 Ultimate Confectionery Chocofarm Cashews – Price INR 276

Chocolate Coated Cashew

Why is it exclusive?

  • Cashew coated in chocolate
  • Delicious and healthy
  • Elegant tin box


2.2 Organic Pure Mart Celebration Pack – Price INR 1027

Dry Fruit Pack

Why is it exclusive?

  • Organic dry fruits from Jammu
  • Corporate dry-fruit gift hamper
  • Sweets containing almonds, pistachios, and cashew nuts
  • Shelf life of 1 year


2.3 Chocolate Burfi from Mussoorie – Starting range INR 256

Chocolate Burfi from Mussoorie

Why is it exclusive?

  • Chocolatey, cashew burfi
  • One-of-a-kind sweet
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Combines traditional sweet with modern twist
  • Packed beautifully in a box


3. Personal Caring Kit


This Diwali festive calls for a self-pampering session. Gift them a personal care kit and surprise them with your uniquely thought of corporate gift ideas and watch the feeling of happiness spread around. Not sure where to get them? Don’t fret, we have you covered!


3.1 Handmade Herbal Healing Kit – Price INR 1018


Handmade Herbal Healing Kit


Why is it authentic?

  • Handcrafted skin care kit
  • Contains goat milk & lavender soap, avocado healing body butter, carrot seed neroli anti-wrinkle cream
  • 100% organic, natural & ayurvedic
  • No artificial colourants, sodium laureth sulfate, & parabens


3.2 Bath Care Box – Price INR 1263

Bath Care Box

Why is it authentic?

  • Almond & liquorice after bath oil, vetiver body wash, peppermint & tea tree foot soak bath salt, and handmade vetiver loofah
  • Brightens skin and prevents pigmentation
  • Great for de-stressing and re-energizing during festive seasons

For more skin care kit with a low budget - starting from range INR 700, you can check it out here.


4. For more antiquely crafted exclusive gifts


It’s time to put your thinking hat on and get some out-of-the-box gifting ideas. We bring you a short list of great quality items -


4.1 Brass Buddha Head from Kerala – Starting range INR 785

Brass Buddha Head from Kerala

Why is it exclusive?

  • Exquisite brass statue depicting Buddha’s head
  • Auspicious artwork
  • Evokes peace
  • Made by skilled artisans of Kerala


4.2 Memento Winner Statue – Starting range INR 660

Memento Winner Statue

Doesn’t everyone in your office deserve a trophy for their hard-work and dedication?


Why is it exclusive?

  • Wrought-iron figurine holding trophy
  • Made by Chhattisgarh artisans
  • Beautiful reminder of success


Product Dimensions: 13x8x36cm & Weight: 400 g


Always remember, before making a choice think from your client’s and employee’s perspective. That will fetch you good rewards for your company.


Apart from finding the high-quality gifts directly from the manufacturers, here’s why SaleBhai is going to be your perfect gifting partner –

  • There are more than 8500 products to choose from.
  • No logistic headache for you – we make sure to get them delivered at multiple locations in India as per your requirements.
  • We provide you with wholesale price.
  • We have a team solely dedicated for seamless operations of different and customised gifting plans.


You can have it all customised with your company’s logo and different packaging style. Each gift will carry a write-up on your products and brands. There’s no compromise on your wishes. Now, doesn’t it sound a bit tempting? Let’s take care of your needs and you can spread the healthy competitive harmony amongst your employees. What are you waiting for then? Diwali is near, place your orders today and we will take care of the rest. 

Customised Diwali Corporate Gift Packing

But why just limit it to Diwali? Make it a trend to gifting out every month or any other special occasion. SaleBhai brings to you 12 unique gifts for 12 months, keeping in mind the day and reason.  For any further queries and ideas, feel free to reach us at any time.


You think, we could have added anything more to the list of corporate gifts? Let us know what you think of it in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you.


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