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Street Food In Hyderabad That Are A Must!

by Team SaleBhai - 24-Aug-2017 - Hometown Special
Street Food

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Hyderabad and food. These are two words that are often used together by many. From kebabs to biryani to rich sweets, Hyderabadi cuisine has it all! This cuisine is so rich and unique, it is also called royal food by many food experts and foodies. It is also known by the name of Deccani cuisine. It is an amalgamation of Mughal, Turkish, and Arabic along with influences of the native Telugu and Marathwada cuisines. One of the foremost experts of Deccani cuisine is Mehboob Alam Khan. Throughout his life he has restored many lost recipes of Hyderabad. He also runs two famous restaurants, MAK’s Kitchen and Chicha’s -- chains which serve authentic Hyderabadi food. He is also a consultant for Taj Group of Hotels. We owe a lot to him for reviving many recipes from Hyderabad that we now enjoy and love. 


Hyderabadi cuisine evolved into what we now know during the Nizams, in the mid 17th century and has since been considered a work of extreme delicacy as well as an artform. Here are some Hyderabadi must haves for you to indulge in in case you visit it soon. 


Osmania biscuits with Irani tea



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You can see people everywhere having a cup of tea having endless discussions about anything under the sun. An anytime snack, the combination of tea with Osmania biscuits is one of the most satisfying culinary medals in the entire world that one can have. Irani chai, like every tea, has many different types. Two of the most noteworthy are the ‘Khade Chammach ki Chai’ and ‘Burkhe Wali Chai’. The khade chammach ki chai is named thus because of the hair raising sweetness of this chai. It is said that one cup contain half a cup of sugar, because of which a spoon can stand straight in the cup. Burkhe wali chai is named thus because it covered with a thick layer of cream.


Osmania biscuits were first made on the request of last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan. He reportedly asked for a snack that was a little sweet and a little salty. Today’s popularity of the osmania biscuits is credited to Osmania General Hospital. Its unique taste was loved by patients and doctors alike, which led to its use in cafe and other eating joints in the hospitals vicinity. These biscuits hold the perfect balance of sweet and salty, that will make anyone fall in love with their taste.


Can’t wait to have these delicious biscuits? No worries! Get your package of completely authentic and yummy osmania biscuits here.


Qubani ka meetha 




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Its name is derived from the Urdu name for apricots, Khubani or Khobani. This heavenly sweet is one of the most prized recipes of Hyderabad. Made by boiling apricots in syrup, this delicious Deccani delight is often served with a garnish of blanched almonds and thick, creamy malai. However for those who aren’t fond of malai, it is replaced with a thick, sweet custard or ice cream. This decadent sweet started out as a royal sweet, as only the richest could afford it because apricots had to be imported to India. Not only is this dish the ultimate pleasure of all with a sweet tooth, it also has various health benefits. One of the many benefits is that they help our digestion immensely due the their high content of fibre and alkaline properties.


Can’t wait for your next visit to Hyderabad to try it? No worries! Try Sanjeev Kapoor’s easy recipe here and get 100% organic apricots here.


Hyderabadi Haleem



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Originally an Arabic dish, it was introduced in Hyderabad by the Chaush people during the Nizam rule. But it was the blending of this delightful dish with local spices and that made it truly exquisite and its popularity sky rocket. While haleem is traditional hors d’oeuvre at weddings and similarly special occasions, it is consumed widely particularly in the Islamic month of Ramadan during Iftar as it provides instant energy and is high in calories. While this stew of meat, lentils and pounded wheat made into a thick paste fill your stomach quickly, it is something that will almost definitely make you overeat every single time.


Sheer Khurma



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Sheer khurma or sheer khorma literally means milk with dates in Persian. Made with vermicelli, milk, sugar and dates, this dish is very light on the stomach making it perfect as a desert after an extravagant meal. A traditional breakfast on Eid, this sweet is offered to guests all day long on Eid. Sheer Khurma is a sweet, succulent, milky delight that melts in your mouth irrespective of whether it is hot or cold. It is quite possibly one of the most prized dishes of Hyderabad. It is often served in clay pots, which gives the sheer khurma a slight kick which is delightfully perfect and more than welcome by most.


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Chawal ki kheer aur puri



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A combination of kheer and puri stuffed with coconut, dal, or jaggery, this can be a complete meal in 9tself. Nothing could possibly compare to taste of this overload of sweetness. The kheer made with powdered rice and Nylon Sago (sabudana), is often served garnished with fried nuts or khoya. Usually served with either coconut stuffed puri, for special occasions the puri is stuffed with dal or jaggery. Their shape is subject to the choice of their confectioner, however more times than not they are shaped like a half moon. This onslaught of sweet delight can be prepared at home, though it is a relatively lengthy process. If you want to try making this yourself, we recommend following this recipe.


Hyderabadi Biryani



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This extremely famous and popular dish needs no introduction.  South india has more varieties of biryani than the rest of the subcontinent. It is believed that Hyderabadi biryani took roots during the rule of the Nizams. There are two types of Hyderabadi biryani. One is the ‘Kache Gosht ki Biryani’ and the other is ‘Pakki Biryani’. The process of preparing the kache gosht ki biryani is far more meticulous and time consuming than that of pakki biryani. Kache gosht ki biryani involves cooking the biryani with raw pieces of chicken or mutton and uncooked rice. Pakki biryani is simpler to make. Cooked meat is added to half cooked rice and cooked further. However, both are equally popular and loved in Hyderabad. You can choose from a wide variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian biryanis to dig into. 


Mirchi Ka Salan




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Mirchi ka Salan is popular side dish of hyderabad, most commonly served with biryani, rice or roti. A popular dish during weddings and other celebrations, this fiery dish is prepared by cooking long green chillies cooked in a multitude of spices, ginger and garlic paste, dry coconuts, cumin seeds, sesame seeds and peanuts. The coconut and peanuts give this bowl of fire a soft, grainy texture that is very pleasing, not only to taste but also to the eyes. To make this delicious, hot dish, follow Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe.





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Brought to India by Persian merchants in the 16th and 18th centuries, faluda or falooda is available throughout the country in one form or another. But Hyderabadi faluda is arguably one of the best you will ever find. Made by mixing vermicelli, rose syrup, sweet basil seeds and jelly mixed with milk, often topped with ice cream, it has something for everyone. This is India’s version of ice cream sundae if you like. Usually a summer treat, it can be enjoyed as a dessert too. 






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Made with a batter of green gram, this is an almost crepe like bread that is very similar to dosa. Stuffed with onions and chilies or upma, it is usually a breakfast food food but it is also often consumed as snacks. Not only is pesarattu highly nutritious, it is also extremely easy and quick to make at home. Just follow this recipe by Niru Gupta. Although it can be consumed with relish with any number of chutney or sauces, it is best when paired with chilled coconut chutney.


Maghaz Masala



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Maghaz Masala is an offal dish consisting fried brain in a spicy sauce/ curry. In Hyderabad it is considered a prized delicacy. Consumed particularly during Bakri Eid, it is often had as breakfast during this festive occasion. This delicious delicacy is relatively easy to make. Lamb or goat brain is used to make this simple and delicious dish. Cooked goat brain is added to a mixture of sauteed onions to which spices and ginger garlic paste have been added. It is best served hot. Try making it at home by following this recipe Chef Zubaida Tariq.


Next time you are in Hyderabad, do make time to taste these delicious and scrumptious treats. Here’s hoping your experience with these unique foods of Hyderabad turns out as yummilicious as it was compiling them for you.


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