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  1. Please fill out the form to register and start the game.
  2. Create a group and enter the mobile numbers of friends you want to invite to the group. Create a WhatsApp group with these friends simultaneously to coordinate the joining process.
  3. Select a price range for the gifts you shall be exchanging. As the admin, please ensure that everyone upholds the spirit of the game and sends gifts worth the same.
  4. Select the Draw Date, which shall be the last date for invitees to join your group.
  5. Once you click SUBMIT, you shall be redirected to the Secret Santa tab under My Account where you can monitor your group(s).
  6. You can later invite more participants by going to My Account under Secret Santa section before the Draw Date.
  7. Invitation to join your SaleBhai Special Secret Santa group shall reach the participants via email and SMS. They need to click on the link provided there to join your group and enter address details.
  8. Once the Draw Date has ended, all the participants shall be sent a link via email/SMS to start buying and gifting.
  9. Each participant shall be randomly assigned their Secret Santa.
  10. You can start shopping by clicking on Send Gift. You can choose from these special festive gift items or any other product you want from the website.
  11. Only one item can be sent to one person in the group.
  12. Please coordinate on your WhatsApp group to guess each other’s Secret Santa once gifts start arriving.
  13. You shall get a call from our Customer Support after you have created a group to assist you in your role as admin. You too can call on +91 95865 26940 for any queries and concerns.
  14. Each member of the group with the maximum number of gifts exchanged will receive a surprise gift from SaleBhai.

Let’s start the game.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Members of the group with the maximum number of gifts exchanged shall each get a surprise gift from SaleBhai.
  2. If you participate in SaleBhai Special Secret Santa, you are permitting SaleBhai to disclose your name and address to the person sending you a gift. In the spirit of the game, SaleBhai requests participants to not misuse such information.
  3. You can participate in as many groups as you want.
  4. The admin of every group takes the responsibility to ensure fair play among participants.
  5. Any dispute among participants shall be settled by the admin.
  6. Last date for creating and joining groups is December 31, 2017.