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If You Want To Buy Chocolates Online, Here Are The Most Popular Ones

by Team SaleBhai - 21-Sep-2017 - Foods & Drinks
delicious chocolate

Someone once said, ‘Nine out of ten people like chocolate, the tenth person always lies’. How absolutely true. And why not? After all, ‘chocolate is always the answer, who cares what the question is’. So why stay away from this utter delight that comes wrapped in shades so inviting and flavours so lip-smacking?


Be it a festival, birthday, anniversary, or any other special day – chocolates help you celebrate in the most delicious way. In fact, this goodie does not need any occasion – it has the capability to turn a regular day into a special one, a boring day into an exciting one. Have it as an exotic standalone dessert, melt and consume with ice cream, or crush it in a custard preparation to give it a chocolaty punch.


You can now buy chocolates online from the mouth-watering choices SaleBhai makes available to you at your doorstep. We bring to you the most luscious chocolates made in the most hygienic conditions to meet high-quality benchmarks.


Chocolates in all shades


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Check out the ten bestselling chocolates on our site.


1- Jus’ Trufs Classy Love Chocolate Box


Classy love chocolate box

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Six sweet, delicious, dreamy, heart-shaped delights, encased in an attractive pack, are sure to steal your or that special someone’s heart away effortlessly. There is a karmic connection between love and chocolates. The emotion is expressed best with these sweet and sensual bites – perfect to woo the chosen one. Neatly placed in six individual sections inside this elegant box are delicious orange, almond, butterscotch, and fruit ‘n’ nut chocolates that your loved one will not be able to resist. It is no surprise that this box tops the list of our bestsellers and is a favourite of our buyers.


Dark Chocolates


2- Rage Dark Chocolate


Dark Chocolate


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This exotic dark chocolate, wrapped in an elegant brown pack, is a luxurious treat you would want to indulge in over and over again. The melt-in-the-mouth delight wins a sure-shot place in our top sellers and rightfully so. Surprise your loved ones with this utterly delicious bar – divided into 24 square pieces – to make sharing easier and much more fun. What's more, this delicious delight can be stocked for over a year if stored in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. However we are sure, you wouldn’t want to wait that long. 


3-Rage Milk Chocolate


Plain Milk Chocolate


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Lose yourself in the surreal taste of soft, delicious, sweet milk chocolate that comes wrapped in an attractive blue pack. This big bar is neatly divided into 24 squares to make it easier for you to share these precious bite-sized goodies with the ones you love. Milk chocolates are generally a favourite of all, however children absolutely love the silky texture and smooth flavour of this plain milky bar. Made of select ingredients, this luscious treat is sure to bring a smile on everyone’s face and make up for a bad day instantly. 


4-Velvet Fine Melt-in-the-Mouth Chocolates


Melt-in-the-mouth Chocolates


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Here comes a box of 18 absolutely delicious chocolates from the pioneers of chocolate-making – Velvet Fine Mumbai. These handcrafted succulent treats come in a plush designer hamper which even makes for a great gift for Diwali, Holi, Christmas, or any other festival. Individually packed in striking golden and brown wrappers, these mouth-watering bites come in exciting flavours such as hazelnut, caramel cream, gulkand, orange crisp, and fruit ‘n’ nut. So if you love chocolates and have a soft corner for variety, then this pack is made for you. Grab them now and taste the goodness of these handmade delicacies.


5-Jus’ Trufs Cricket Team Chocolate Gift Box


Cricket Team Chocolate Box


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Sweet dark and white milk chocolates never looked and tasted this yummylicious before. Perfect to be gifted to ardent cricket-fans, this one-of-a-kind chocolate box is an absolute delight for cricket as well as chocolate lovers. Six sets of bat and ball, made of white and dark chocolate, come packed in an elegant and striking box – waiting to be relished with all your heart and soul. A huge hit, especially amongst the lovers of the much-celebrated game in our country, this chocolate box is a must try – because cricket fever never fades in India.


6-Rage Mint Chocolate


Mint Chocolate

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Here comes a chocolaty delight with the freshness of mint – for the ones who believe in trying out something new in life. This heavenly bar is ready to sweep you off your feet and is perfect for those hectic days when a bite of this minty delight is all you’ll need for a change of mood. Once you are done admiring the elegant green packing it is delivered in, uwrap this refreshing delicacy and satiate your cravings thoroughly. It’s shelf life of one year – if kept in a cool, dry, hygienic place –  further helps it to reserve a permanent place in our top sellers.


7-Rage Like A Boss


Live like a boss chocolate


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Live and feel like a boss with this melt-in-the-mouth, utterly luscious chocolate. Relish it yourself or make someone feel special with its tantalising taste and striking red packing. This delicious chocolate bar – neatly divided into 24 bite-sized pieces – is the just the thing you have been looking for your boss. After all, it is all right to make your boss feel on top of the world once in a while and the best way to do it is by gifting him/her this tempting bar of divine deliciousness. What's more, the bossy girl on the pack says what words can’t say – I am the indisputable boss around.


8-Rage Hi, Beautiful


Feel Beautiful Chocolate


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If you can master the art of complimenting a girl – genuine or fake – you can live happily ever after. So go ahead and make the woman of your life – friend, girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, grandmother – feel precious with this rich bar of luxurious chocolate. The secret ingredient used to make this delicious chocolate is said to be a natural aphrodisiac and mood lifter. Rest assured, the vibrant pink pack and ‘hi, beautiful’ message on the cover would be enough to steal a woman’s heart forever. 



9-Rage India Gate Chocolate Bar


India Gate Chocolate


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India takes pride in it’s rich history. We boast being home to many world-famous monuments which have stood the test of time and still stand tall and strong as magnificently as they did hundreds of years ago. Celebrate the unique culture and history of our country with this chocolate – dedicated to the love for heritage monuments that serve as big attractions to tourists from all over the world. This architectural beauty – which serves as a backdrop to the Republic Day Parade held in New Delhi every year – surely deserves a respectful tribute. If you have a friend who is particularly fond of history, then you must go ahead and gift this bar of deliciousness – wrapped in colours of the Tiranga – to  surprise him/her in the most flavourful way.


10- Jus’ Trufs Get Well Soon Chocolate


Disc Shaped Chocolate

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Chocolate is the cure for a bad day as well as bad health. Yes, on days when we are down and need all the positivity around us, this piece of chocolaty delight is a huge help for sure. The combination of dark chocolate – in the shape of a CD – with a white-chocolate get-well-soon message is sure to bring a smile on your ailing friend’s face – cheering him up instantly. Let the right blend of dark and white chocolate create magic in the mouth of your loved ones.


Now that we have talked so much about our most sought-after chocolates, we are sure you must be dooling. Go ahead and pamper yourself and your loved ones with the best that we have for you.


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