My Account

What is My Account?

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on salebhai.com?

Can I have more than one account?

Do I need to update information in ‘My Account’?

Can anyone else manage my account?  

What is My Wallet?  

How can I redeem my wallet money ? 

My Orders

How do I place an order on salebhai.com?

How do I find out if a product can be delivered to my location?

How do I check the status of my order?

What do the different order statuses mean?

How can I be sure my product will be packaged well?

How can I track my order?

How many products can I order at one time?

I change the delivery address for my order?

Can I cancel my order after it has been shipped?

Can I get my order gift-wrapped?

Can I place a bulk order?

Can I add an item to my order after I have placed my order?

Will ‘My account’ on salebhai.com account get deleted if I do not shop for six months or so?


How do I pay for a purchase on salebhai.com?

Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase on salebhai.com?

Can I use my credit/debit card to pay on salebhai.com?

Can I opt for online bank transfer to pay for a purchase on salebhai.com?

Can I opt for cash on delivery?

Can I  use electronic gift vouchers on salebhai.com?

Are my transactions on salebhai.com secure?

What steps have been taken to prevent payment fraud on salebhai.com?

What is a 3D Secure password? How can I get it for my credit/debit card?

Does SaleBhai offer EMIs?

Can I shop multiple times by making a one-time payment so that I don’t have to enter my card or bank details everytime?

Can I use an international card?


When can I seek a refund?

How will I get my refund?

How long does a refund take?

What do I do if I do not receive my refund?


When will my order be delivered?

Will I be charged for delivery?

How is delivery time calculated?

Why does delivery time differ from product to product?

Can I seek faster delivery?

Why can’t products be shipped to my area?

Does SaleBhai deliver internationally?

Will I be charged for return pickup and replacement delivery?

How can I be sure the shipment will reach me in proper condition? Will extra care be taken for  fragile items?

How do I track my shipment?

Am I allowed to change the shipping address after the order has been shipped?

Can I cancel my order after it has been shipped?

Will my product reach me on time?

Can someone else receive my shipment?

Can I delay delivery by a day or two beyond the delivery date as I won’t be available to receive the shipment?

Is there a number which offers assistance on your shipment policy?

Can I return a damaged product to your logistics partner immediately after delivery?

Can I choose the exact delivery time?

Will I be charged extra for ordering large quantities of any product?

Will I get details of the delivery person?

I live in a military area where the address does not include a pin code but has an APO number. Will products be delivered to my address?

& Returns

How do I cancel an order?

When can I cancel my order?

Why am I not allowed to cancel my order?

How long will it take for salebhai.com to process my cancellation request?

I cancelled my order. Can I undo the cancellation?

Can I return a delivered product?

If I receive a damaged product, what is the time period within which I can request a return?

How do I cancel my return request?

When will I get the replacement for my returned product?

Do I have to return the free gift if I am seeking replacement of a product?

Can I return a part of my order?


Is there a SaleBhai app?

Will I get an SMS notification at every stage of my order?

Will I get SMS notifications about sales and discounts on salebhai.com?

Will I get any benefits if I introduce a friend or family member to salebhai.com?

Can I have a wish list on salebhai.com?

What are private and public settings for a wish list?