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Best Father's Day Gifts Under ₹500

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 12-Jun-2018 - Cultures & Festivals
Father’s Day

“A father is someone you look upto no matter how tall you grow,” said someone very wise. Only fathers can give away their precious weekends to do things their children love, spend quality time with kids even after a hectic day at work, and come back home with surprising gifts such as chocolates and teddies. Yes, fathers are indeed a blessing from God.


Even though we strongly believe that you should make your father feel special everyday, there are some occasions when you must make him feel on top of the world. And thank God we’ve Father’s Day for that. There’s no better day to celebrate fatherhood and raise a toast to all the sacrifices he has ever made and will continue making for you.


Father’s Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages in Catholic Europe on St. Joseph’s Day – March 19th. Countries around the world celebrate it on different days mostly in March, April, or June. The United States adopted the third Sunday of June to acknowledge father’s contribution in the family. Since then it gained popularity and most of the countries started following the same date system as followed in the U.S.


This year, it falls on 17th June. So, how are you going to surprise your father? Well, it’s not about how expensive or big your gift is. What matters is your efforts. What you do to make your guardian angel feel special on his day. And to help you out we bring the right collection of the best father’s day gifts – all under ₹500. Yes!




1- Father’s Day Signature Chocolate


Father’s Day Chocolate

Image Credits


There’s no age to like chocolates. But yes, you must have not seen your father having it very often because he surely would have prefered giving it to you instead of eating it himself. That's just how he is! Now you’ve a chance to make him happy with father’s day signature chocolate. This exotic treat from Bangalore will make his day. Wish him good health, luck, and thank him for all that he has been for you with this royal pick.


2- Herbal Men’s Shampoo


Men’s Shampoo

Image Credits


Believe it or not, it’s not just you who loves to take care of the way you look, your father does too. Help him do so with this herbal shampoo – loaded with the goodness of lemon, olive oil, and aloe vera. Our fathers generally don’t have too much time in the rush of things to condition their hair after a shower. But with this two-in-one cleanser and conditioner they can keep their hair and scalp healthy and well-nourished at all times. This is also the best choice if your dad is facing any hair-related issues.


3- Kantha File Folder


File Folder

Image Credits


Does your father often misplace his important slips, receipts, and other documents? If yes, this can be the perfect gift for him. The versatile blue folder not only looks wonderful with traditional kantha embroidery border on the flap but also keeps the documents organized and secured with the help of two tich buttons. This handmade and recycled document-organiser is a rare piece where elegance and functionality are exemplified together. The beautiful, needlework motifs in bright colours look absolutely stunning. This unique file folder comes with a comfortable holding strap and five pockets. What’s even more special is that it is handcrafted by differently-abled individuals. So you can double your joy by making so many people happy at the same time. Go, get it.


4- Palampore Flavoured Kangra Green Tea


Green Tea

Image Credits


Good health and great taste in one cup. Parents definitely deserve all the love and care in the world. So how about wholesome and flavoured green tea from Kangra? The essence of kesari mango in this authentic mix makes the beverage all the more delicious. Each serving of this traditional drink is rich in antioxidants and helps in regulating blood pressure and controlling cholesterol. The herbal drink is loaded with many more health advantages and has a rejuvenating taste. Why not try it with your father?


5- Natural Energy Drink


Energy DrinkImage Credits


With growing age and increasing responsibilities, your father needs special attention. Long and hectic days out at work, stressful routine, and multiple outdoor chores may take a toll on him. Make sure his energy levels stay up throughout the day with all-natural ocean mist – perfect blend of spirulina and tender coconut water. The soothing blue colour and refreshing tang of this preservative-free beverage is perfect for providing instant energy anytime of the day. Let your father say goodbye to unhealthy, expensive, and non-natural energy drinks by sipping on this nutritional drink. If your dad is into regular workouts then this makes for the perfect present. Definitely an ultimate replenishing tonic after a heavy sweat-out session.

 Dry fruits


6- Chocolate Coated Cashews


Chocolate CashewsImage Credits


Healthy food need not be boring, right? Surprise your dad with the two-in-one combination of good health and extraordinary taste. Surely, his favourite cashews in an all-new chocolaty avatar will make their way straight to his heart. This is also perfect for sweet lovers who are trying to control their sweet cravings. He can even use the beautiful tin that these delectable and wholesome treats come in to store his little yet important things. Believe us he’ll be so thankful to you for introducing a much tastier version of the beneficial dry fruit.


7- Marble Watch


Marble Watch

Image Credits


The daddy corner of the house should look as beautiful as all the other areas. Gift him a stunning Rajasthani marble watch and add an aesthetic appeal to his room or office desk. Handcrafted by expert artisans from Jaipur, this square marble watch with a round dial is studded with traditional stones and painted in attractive hues of red and golden. It even has hooks for the ones who would want to hang it. No wonder it is an attractive and useful present.


8- After-Shave Gel


Aftershave Gel

Image Credits


After-shave gels are not only used for fragrance but also for some real benefits. Present your father an organic after-shave gel for a well moisturised and smooth skin. It will keep the pores clean and bacterias away, resulting in visibly controlled break of acnes as well. The antiseptic in this gel also prevents the skin from infection that may occur due to minor cuts while shaving. And of course the fact that it smells good is a bonus. The soothing feel and fragrance of aloe vera and tea-tree extract gives a powerful and rejuvenating punch to your skin. You dad will absolutely like it.


9- Sandalwood Body Mist


Sandalwood Mist

Image Credits


Let your father lose himself in the woody and soothing fragrance of an authentic sandalwood body mist. If he’s particularly against the chemical-loaded deodorants and perfumes then this one is tailor-made for him. Distinctively soft and smooth, the musky and woody fragrance of this alcohol-free sandalwood aka chandan spray is out-of-the-world. This wonderful, handmade mist will even calm his senses and boost his confidence.




10- Darjeeling Roasted Tea


Darjeeling Roasted Tea

Image Credits


Take your father’s eternal love for tea a notch higher with premium darjeeling roasted tea. The unique malt flavour and smoky essence of these brewed sips will make his tea-time worthwhile. Rich in antioxidants, this hand-picked tea is calorie-free too. Can you ask for more? In the process of roasting tea leaves they get decaffeinated as well, which results in a product that is not only tastier but healthier as well. Regular consumption will also have a positive effect on his digestion and overall health.


Happy Father’s Day

Image Credits


Fathers are our first heroes. The influence they’ve on us and the way they love us is eternal. We all love gifts right? And we all also love to feel special once in a while. Don’t forget, so does he. Make sure you keep your father happy not only on this particular occasion but always. And we’re here to help you with it. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can always rely on us to surprise your father with his favourite goodies right at his doorstep, anytime of the year. Because we care and understand.


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Father’s Day Gifts
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Father’s Day Gifts