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Beat The Monotony This Summer With These Luscious Mango Pulp Delights

by SaleBhai Team - 15-Apr-2017 - #AamBaat

Summer is here, and with it have come our favourite bright yellow beauties – mango. Don't we all desperately wait for this time of the year? Devouring those sweet, succulent mangoes or enjoying the tanginess of the raw, greener ones with a dash of black salt – is something we anticipate for months.


And while we relish a fresh mango, we can not help but reminisce the times when a bucketful of ripe mangoes would wait to be consumed by the children and adults of the house alike. And the look and smell of kacchi kairi remind us of the days when making pickles was an important activity in every household – a reason to sit, laugh, and make memories together – with the younger ones trying to successfully sneak out with a piece or two of the peppery bite left to dry in the sun.


Have a look at the nutritional facts about our national fruit 

Mango nutritional facts

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Sugarcoated goodness

Well, so you can now have your cake and eat it too. Packed with numerous health benefits along with extraordinary flavour the fruit is rightfully the king of fruits. 


  • Vigorously loaded with essential vitamins, antioxidant compounds, and other nutrients mango is helpful in ways more than one.
  • The naturally sweet fruit is known to prevent leukemia and other cancers of the colon, prostate, and breasts.
  • The vitamin A in mango promotes good eyesight and fights nightblindness.
  • Not only this, it also lowers cholesterol levels, opens blocked pores, boosts immune system, and aids in digestion.
  • A refreshing and cool drink made of raw mango pulp – aam panna – can save you from those troublesome heat strokes during summers.
  • A delight for diabetics – we understand staying away from sweets can be really difficult – so go ahead and savour the sweet fruit, moderately.
  • Mangoes grant 100% daily dose of vitamin C, 35% of vitamin A and 12% of  fiber.


How is mango healthy

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What do you do when the mango season is over?

A common concern of the lovers of the fruit, right? Ours too! How we all wish we could have a never-ending stock of these juicy delights. If not that you can actually stock up goodies with pure and real mango pulp. Relish the various avatars of the great grand favourite of all, this summer. Browse through some best options here.


National symbols of India

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Do you also love the taste of some sweet and sour mango bites? Then this is for you. Taste of dried ripe mango pulp concocted perfectly with the right measures of cumin, coriander, rock salt, clove, and other authentic mixed spices make this mouth freshner an all-time first choice of all. This khatta-meetha delight brings the right end to every meal and gathering. Try authentic mukhwas for an everlasting taste and freshness that will uplift your mood instantly.


Enjoy this before, after meal time, or any other time and let it freshen you up thoroughly.


Benefits of dried mango

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Mango katli

The diamond shaped mithai – katli – is preferred by one and all. Make it mango-flavoured and voila, you have a showstopper! Don't let anything stop you from enjoying these sweet, glistening pieces of heavenliness. You can now satisfy your craving for soft and luscious mangoes anytime of the year. Made from real, ripe mango pulp this chewy bite is surely going to sweep you off your feet with its amazing freshness and incredible flavour of the fruit.


One piece of this mango sweet straight out of the fridge – especially on a hot summer day – will fill your mouth with soothing sweetness.


Aam katli

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Mango pickle

Does pickle need any introduction, especially in India? It is a very important part of every Indian kitchen and cuisine – pickles are the perfect accompaniment with any meal. Of course we all will agree that mango pickle is definitely the most popular and preferred out of all the pickles. And why not, the naturally sour flavour of the raw mangoes enhances the effect it has on any palette – stimulating and peppery – all you need to add to your light summer meals.


You must have even tried the sweet and sour version of mango pickle – that can be had as a standalone delicacy, with a meal, or with snacks too.


Aam ka achaar

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Mango pickle


Mango khaja

Say no more! If you have not tried mango khaja yet, it is time to do it right now. The legendary khaja, flavoured with much-loved tender mango pulp, is what you should be pampering yourself with in this warm and fussy weather. In summers, when you finally settle for tea after battling with your addiction for the hot beverage, this sweet comes to your rescue – complementing the hot beverage with its cool essence.


Aam khaja

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Mango crush

‘Keep yourself hydrated,’ is a constant reminder we get from our near and dear ones in summers. We can literally feel the hot summer sun sucking all our energy making us dehydrated and lethargic. What can help you prevent this situation is a chilled glass of mango crush. We agree there is no substitute for real mangoes, but this juicy and fresh drink will also rejuvenate your senses thoroughly, leaving you wanting more and more. Keep yourself hydrated this summer with lots of water and a few glasses of real fruit beverages to go with it. Go ahead try some real mango crush now.


Health benefits of mango juice

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Mango fudge

Yes it is as splendid as it sounds. What comes out when you blend the best together – a lip-smacking sweet! Infused with fresh ripe mango pulp sweetened with sugar, flavoured with butter and white chocolate, well, aren't we salivating already! The soft chewy delight will fill your mouth with sweet, creamy deliciousness that is energising, and addictive. New for some, a favourite of others – the time to treat your taste buds with surreal sweet and luscious mango fudge is now.


Aam fudge

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Aamrai Ratnagiri


Aam papad roll

Deep down inside, you never stop wishing. And why should we? Someone rightly exploited the saying when he came up with the mouth watering idea of aam papad roll. A common favourite of all age groups alike – aam papad – enriched with the goodness of assorted dry fruits. The sweet looks as attractive as it sounds and tastes – with the wholesomeness of dried fruits temptingly foiled in layers of amawat.


You have no reason to deprive yourself from the goodness of this novel delicacy, when it is available at the click of your fingers.


Mango papad roll

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Chunda pickle

Watch that drool! You have stayed away from a taste worth millions if you have not tried this speciality of Kathiawar. A Gujarati would swear by its irresistible and stirring tang. The pickle however – with its alluring sweet, sour, hot, and spicy smack – has made its way to almost every kitchen in India and beyond. A helping of this savory with a regular meal will enhance the flavour as well as uplift your spirits. What's more, the accompaniment is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals, making it all the more wanted and loved. Can't wait to try it, order the famous pickle right away then.


Nutritional facts of chunda pickle

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Mango Barfi

The king of mithas – barfi – exploited right – because we should never stop trying, until the miracle happens. Yes, indeed the mango barfi has miraculous taste and lure. Made with fresh mango pulp, cashews, and sugar, it is a treat for mango lovers. Also it never goes out of season. Have it at room temperature or cold, this melt-in-the-mouth dessert will bring the perfect end to a sumptuous meal.


A word of caution – keep the pack away when you intend to stop relishing it, because stopping with these delicious bites kept next to you is impossible.

Tempted to try? Why stop yourself then!


Aam barfi

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Mango Barfi


Mango papad

Good taste never goes out of style. And our age-old mango papad is the most apt example of this belief. Some of us must have been privileged to have witnessed our grandmothers and mothers making amawat at home. The craze and love for this popular Indian tidbit never saw a fall. This version of concentrated mango pulp – dried and flavoured right – has been a favourite of all since times immemorial. Imagine the delicacy used as pudding, snack, or anytime filler being made with the king of mangoes – alphonso – worth all the more attention! Try it out yourself.


Did you know – aam papad was prescribed as a medicine to travellers to avoid giddiness while traveling on a hilly terrain.


Aam papad

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Author’s note

If necessity is the mother of invention, then love is surely the father. See what the love for mangoes did! Because parting from this moist pulpy delight is extremely painful, mango lovers over the centuries have never stopped trying to resort to ways and means to relish the healthy and tasty fruit throughout the year.


And now, with the wide array of mango delights available in the market, we are spoilt for choice. No worries, these delicious mango bites are not going anywhere – so you can take it slow and steady.


 Mango health benefits

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Feeling dehydrated, low on energy, and drenched in sweat are not the only things that declare the arrival of summers. Fresh, yellow, juicy mangoes are also a symbol of the season. No stone has been left unturned to exploit the fruit in every sense – to enjoy it as it is till it lasts and to make use of the abundance rightfully and tastefully.

All we have to do is indulge in the myriad of flavoursome mango delicacies painstakingly made for us with love.


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Dried Mangoes
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