About Us


When a bunch of us friends came together after years of pursuing different careers, there was one more thing common among us besides the desire to do something extraordinary. We realised we had all come a long way from our childhood cities, towns, and villages – leaving behind a bit of ourselves…our lives…our dreams. SaleBhai is thus an attempt to take you back to your fondest memories…your aspirations…your roots. Putting the heart back in business, our e-commerce platform offers you a diverse range of authentic products from across the country to strike a chord at prices you’ll love.


Salebhai.com is your one-stop destination for food specialities. We take great pride in presenting a mind-boggling range of exquisite sweets, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, pickles, spices, and much more. Whether it’s Agra’s petha, Lonawala’s chikki, Ratlam’s sev, Ahmedabad’s khakhra, Bengaluru’s chocolates, Bombay halwa, or Mysore pak, the country’s mouth-watering treats are all on www.salebhai.com. We are committed to delivering pure goodness and celebrating a lasting relationship with you.


Staying true to our mission of taking you back to your roots, we provide an array of prayer paraphernalia to ensure your religious and spiritual practices go on uninterrupted. Our puja offerings come in different sizes to suit your daily and festival needs. These include handpicked traditional and handcrafted products made from high-quality raw materials.


Add to that a multitude of handicrafts, carpets, and paintings that make our website a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Take a trip around artistic India as we pick up pieces with ornate and delicate designs to enrich your life. We hold out the promise of making your wishes our reality by adding greater selection and variety in the days to come.


Our name and logo are inspired as much by your aspirations and passions as much by our desire to nurture value-buying and customer loyalty. As we travel the length and breadth of the country to deliver happiness at your doorstep, we invite you to undertake an inward journey to rediscover all that is close to your heart. SaleBhai is here to root for you.