Aamrai, Ratnagiri

The Lord of Ratnagiri Alphonsos


Since 2011, Aamrai – which literally means mango orchard – has been delighting mango connoisseurs not just in India but also the world over. Established at Ratnagiri by entrepreneur Ameya Vartak, this brand boasts the finest Alphonso — straight from the land of mangoes. In the 90s, Vartak’s family owned a lot of land along the Konkani coastline of Maharashtra leading towards Ratnagiri and Devgad. When the idea of mango farming came to them, they realised that their land already possessed the required favourable conditions. Rich fertile soil, high mineral content, saline content in humid air, and high temperature were conducive to a great harvest. It was then but natural for Aamrai to be born.  


The brand goes to great lengths to ensure that its customers get nothing but excellent-quality mangoes. They have employed trained hands, who pick fruits at the perfect time. It ensures optimum sugar formation and maturity. The workers carry out a rigorous three-stage sorting by size, shape, and visual defects to exclude fruits with spots, damage, or flaws. The best ones are then stored in wooden boxes between layers of dried rice hay so that they are not in contact with each other and ripen naturally. Each flavourful treat boasts a unique sweetness and tender texture. The fleshy pulp of this exclusive variety is legendary. People from across the globe line up to taste their delicious Alphonsos, which are packed with health benefits. There are three major categories to choose from. The first is the organic variety, which is administered treatments for nutrient, pest, and disease management. They are ripened in special chambers with dried rice hay without any harmful chemicals. The second variety is the premium one, which is procured directly from the city of Ratnagiri. The third kind of Ratnagiri Alphonsos comes from the neighbouring areas of the district.


The company has a yearly production capacity of 100 metric ton. It is certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production), Bio Suisse (a private-sector federation of Swiss organic farmers), JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards ), Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and India Organic. Today, Aamrai is among trusted growers and suppliers of the best Ratnagiri Alphonso. Its head office is in Mumbai. Buy mangoes online and enjoy royalty in every bite.   


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