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9 Things That You Must Know Before Buying Pearl Jewellery

by SaleBhai Team - 03-May-2017 - Decor & lifestyle

As Coco Chanel (French fashion designer) once said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Pearl jewellery has always been high on the wish list of most individuals. Men or woman, young or old, who doesn’t like a beautiful pearl ring with a deep lustre? As earrings, rings, and necklaces, pearls not only enhance looks but also help to add grace and glamour to the overall personality. 


An irritation is all that it takes

What does different pearl colours stand for?

Unlike most other precious stones, pearls are found inside living organisms such as oysters and mussels. Do you know what promotes the making of pearls? Irritation. Yes, these organisms convert what is an irritation to one of the most precious items of the world. Fascinating, isn’t it? No wonder pearls have been the source of philosophical inspiration for writers and thinkers.


In the words of Federico Fellini (Italian film director), “All art is autobiographical. Pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”


When a parasite enters an oyster or mussel or clam, a defence mechanism gets initiated inside the organism. A fluid is produced to cover the irritant with the aim of neutralising it. Multiple layers of coating, known as nacre, result in what we call pearls.


Types of pearls

Natural pearl vs cultured pearl

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Pearls are primarily of two types – natural and cultured. Demand never fails to promote artificial and faster ways of production. Same is applicable for pearls. The natural process depends totally on the accidental infiltration of a parasite inside an oyster, making it rare.


The artificial process follows the same biological mechanism but without leaving it to chance factor. An irritant is surgically placed inside the living organisms to force the production of pearls. However, high-quality artificial pearls also require a time period of three years and not all get to be a part of jewellery. A study says that only 5% of the artificial pearls are of gem-quality.


Pearls can also be classified on the basis of their environment – freshwater and saltwater. Usually saltwater pearls have a better shape (more rounded) and nacre (coatings of the fluid). However, recent improvements in freshwater cultivation technique have bridged the gap between the two varieties.


How to identify the fake ones?

Different colours of natural pearl 

The huge craze that surrounds pearl jewellery has unfortunately introduced fake alternatives to the world market. These imitations are so similar to the real ones that it is very hard to identify them if you go by their shape and lustre. However, there are two simple techniques that can save you from getting cheated.


Try sliding the pearl through the front of your teeth. If it glides smoothly and you don’t feel anything, it is fake. Real pearls will always give you a gritty feeling.


If your pearl seems ‘too perfect’, it is likely to be a fake one. Real ones are rarely perfect and usually have minor defects in shape and nacre layering. These small irregularities can be used as identifiers for actual pearls.

Next time you buy pearls, you know exactly what to do to check their authenticity.


A potent astrological weapon

Astrological significance of pearl

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Pearl jewellery is not only famous for its elegance but is also known for having astrological benefits. As per Shalini Aggarwal (Indian astrologer), pearl represents the moon and in astrology, moon represents mother and mind. Pearl can strengthen one’s moon and in turn give a more composed mind, better sleep, stronger conjugal relationship, improved memory, and boosted health. So, next time you buy pearl jewellery online, you can expect a better life too.


What do the Hindu scriptures say?

Garuda Purana mentions the sacred Nine Pearls and the Ayurveda prescribes pearl powder for smooth digestion and treating mental ailments. The first historical evidence comes from Marco Polo’s mention of a necklace, worn by the king of Malabar, made with 104 pearls and rubies. It was also customary for Hindus to present a fresh pearl during weddings till early 20th century.


Pearl city of India

Where in India should you look for authentic top-quality pearls? Any jeweller will tell you to visit Hyderabad. The 400-year-old rich culture of the city and the lavish lifestyles of the royal kings of Nizam ensured the presence of highly-skilled craftsmen and a strong legacy of pearl-jewellery making. The Lad Bazaar and Patar Gatti are the two places in Hyderabad that boast most of the oldest pearl shops. The time-tested sellers with supreme reputation and legacy are definitely the best bet for you when it comes to buying pearl jewellery.


Check out the following video by Wild Films India on pearl-jewellery making in India.



Note: Want to buy some authentic pearl jewellery sourced directly from Hyderabad? Click here


The advantage of shopping online

Pearl jewellery


It is easy to desire the best, but getting hold of the same might not be that simple. If you need to visit Hyderabad personally every time you wish to buy a pearl jewellery, the deal might seem a bit impractical. This is where platforms such as come into the picture. The world of online shopping lets you order the very best from authentic sources without having to take any physical trouble. All you need to do is to select your preferred item and place your order. You pearl jewellery will get delivered directly to your doorsteps.


Another huge bonus is the competitive nature of the online market. Multiple platforms and sellers competing for the same customer base invariably mean better deals, exciting combo packs, and unbelievable introductory offers. As a customer, it is a complete win-win situation for you and should not be missed out on.


What if the product turns out to be fake?

Authenticity of pearls


This is a worry that most first-time buyers have and rightfully so. Authentic pearl jewellery is not the cheapest thing in the world and needs to have a certain guarantee that eliminates all shades of doubt. Hyderabadi freshwater pearls usually come with a lifetime guarantee. Make sure the seller displays the same promise on the online platform. It is needless to say that the platform you choose to shop on, must be a credible one with a business life of more than one year. You can also do some extra research about the concerned seller before actually placing your order. If all seems fine, trust your instincts and go for it. 


How to avoid getting spoilt for choices?

Having choices always feel good, but too much of it can lead to confusion. The never-ending variety and huge lists of relevant items on online platforms can be a serious problem. However, as a consumer, you can easily avoid this confusion if you already know what you are looking for. Try to analyse your requirement correctly before you start your search. Pearl jewellery goes with most traditional as well as modern outfits. However, the type, shape, and colour heavily depend on the nature of the outfit. Finalise your exact requirement based on these parameters and save yourself the trouble of having to go through the entire list of jewellery individually.



Pearl jewellery is easily one of the most popular ways of flaunting one’s style and taste. Why compromise on the quality of this precious item by limiting yourself to local alternatives? This article tells you why and how you need to explore the virtual world of the internet to get hold of authentic pearls at the best prices available. This write-up also explains the different types of pearls available and an easy technique to avoid the fake ones.


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