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5 Top Indian Fitness Bloggers on the Health Benefits of Raisins

by Team SaleBhai - 30-Dec-2017 - Expert Roundup
Health benefits of raisins

Raisins may look simple and unpalatable, but don’t be deceived by their looks. These tiny, haggard looking dry fruits may not be appealing to our eyes, but they are one of nature’s healthiest alternative to our sugar-manufactured candy cravings. There is also a popular phrase that goes, “A handful of raisins a day keep indigestion and acidity at bay”. So next time, you have an urge to snack something sweet, don’t hesitate to pick up a handful of raisins. 


Raisins, also known as kishmish or kismis, are a storehouse of powerful nutrients. That is why our mothers and grandmothers have always used them as toppings over Indian desserts such as kheer, halwa, and much more. They were already aware of the health benefits of these dry fruits. Grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins; hence the nutrients become more concentrated in raisins. There are different types of raisins depending on the types of grapes used, and are made in a variety of sizes and colours such as golden brown, green hue, purple, black and yellow. 


Types of Raisins

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If you still don’t believe us, no problem. Let us hear out our favourite top bloggers on consuming raisins on a regular basis and then you might trust in the benefits of raisins – 


1. “Raisin can help you get rid of constipation” – says Payal Banka


A smooth bowel movement is a good sign of health. We all feel awkward talking about it, but it cannot be ignored. Raisin is a rich source of dietary fibre and thus eases bowel movement by flushing out toxins. This helps us in getting rid of constipation, which otherwise can cause other health problems in our body.


A certified dietician and a clinical nutritionist, Payal Banka has similar takes on raisins. She says,


Raisin is an all-rounder, a powerhouse of iron, phosphorus, B vitamins and fibre. It is to these nutrients that its benefits can be credited to. Start your day with soaked raisins on empty stomach in the morning, and make it a daily habit. The benefits of including this in your routine range from maintaining a good bowel system, getting rid of constipation, improving your digestive system, managing your acid levels, and good hemoglobin levels. Its phosphorus level helps in retaining the bone health while the vitamins help your hair and skin to glow and maintain their youth for longer”.


She ran her own Obesity and Diabetes clinic at Niramaya Medical Research Centre, Kolhapur in Maharashtra.  She also adds, “The healthiest way of including raisin in your diet is by having them in soaked form, early in the morning or late at night along with a glass of milk. You can add them to your muesli, porridges, and shakes”.

 Dry Fruits


2. “Raisin is a well-known source of energy” – says Dipika Singh


Did you know a small box of raisins contains 34 grams of carbohydrates? Raisin can help power the body when exercising or keeping kids energised the whole day.


Dipika Singh, a gleeful blogger, who writes everything related to lifestyle, health, and parenting, also has something to say about the benefits of eating raisins. In her opinion,


Raisins are the best answer to kids & everyone's nutritional needs. I love giving a handful of raisins to my 5-year-old growing kid every day.  With low in fat and cholesterol, raisin is the healthy dose of daily fibre which helps in aiding constipation in kids. It is also a well-known source of energy and natural agent to boost hemoglobin, due to its iron content”.


Next time, your kid asks for an energy bar, you know what to give them instead. Dipika also mentions about how raisin can help keep our immunity strong. She says, “Have it daily as dry snacks or add in kid's pudding or fruit punch. Soak and give with warm milk during winters, to keep immunity in check”. I am sure your kids will love it. 


3. “Raisin is power-packed with nutrients” – says Dr. Amrita Basu



Oatmeal-raisin-milk healthy breakfast


Raisin is a highly nutritional dry fruit and a rich source of vitamin B. Apart from that, it also contains all the essential minerals such as iron and phosphorus, which is required to keep our body healthy and normal. Iron supports your immune system, helps make amino acids and is essential for metabolism, while potassium helps to stimulate muscle contraction and nerve impulses. Potassium also helps regulates the heartbeat and lower blood pressure by limiting the effect of sodium in our body.


Dr. Amrita Basu, an ENT Head Neck surgeon who took to blogging as a challenge, and writes about health, travel health, and lifestyle related articles to help educate people around. In her own words,


Raisins are dried grapes. The best thing about them is they are packed with multivitamins, multi-minerals and are very low in calories. Their high fibre content makes it an excellent healthy snack option, while the sugar in them is great for adding the much needed sweetness in deserts.


She also adds that raisin is her favourite superfood and just a half cup of raisins pack the same nutrient punch as one cup of fruit.


organic honey


4. “Raisin helps to prevent various types of cancer” – says Nikitha Krishna


Did we forget to mention that raisin also has antioxidant present in it? An antioxidant named cateching is known to protect the body from causing cancers. It prevents the free radical activity against the body that can cause tumors and colon cancer, to be specific.


Nikitha Krishna, an MBA in Finance and passionate towards beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle, and internet, has also talked about the health benefits of eating raisins in her daily blog – Stylishwalks. She mentioned that having raisins regularly can help to prevent various types of cancer because of the antioxidant called cateching present in it.


Eating raisin is a quick, easy, and tasty way to get some of your fruit cravings and also to get benefitted by it.  


bhagat halwai doda barfi


5. “Raisins' are the full package for fitness” – says Rudrita Chatterjee


Benefits of eating raisins


Not only health, raisin is equally magical for our hair and skin. In short, a complete package for fitness the way Rudrita Chatterjee puts it.


A fashion designer, a full-time blogger, and a youtuber, she writes about travel, beauty, food, health and fitness and much more.  Rudrita’s take on raisins says -


Raisins are something that always motivates me by its health benefits and tastes as well. Eating raisins on daily basis improves health. It helps in different ways: From weight loss to healthy skin, it has the power to make our lives better each day. These are high in fibre. So it is one of the perfect components of weight loss program. Sometimes it considers as the substitute of sugar. Raisins also work great for the digestive system. It improves digestive power and reduces acidity as it contains potassium and magnesium in good levels. Raisins are good for preventing diseases like arthritis, kidney stones, and heart diseases. Regular consumption of raisins gives healthy skin as well as it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and blemishes from skin. It makes skin clear, nourished and glowing. Raisins make skin beautiful from inside because it helps to flush out toxins from the body. It has several essential ingredients which promote hair growth and gives healthy hair. So all together 'Raisins' are the full package for fitness”.


So, are you ready to incorporate raisins in your daily diet? Raisins can be enjoyed as standalone snacks or can be combined with other dry fruits like dates, almonds, apricots, and prunes for healthy snacking. They are famous for their taste and varied usage. We hope our article on health benefits of raisin will urge you to realise its importance and make you add them to your daily dosage of health foods. Let us know what you think of the article by leaving your feedback in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!


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