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10 Sugar-Free Sweets and Bakery Items for the Health Conscious

by Team SaleBhai - 29-Nov-2017 - Foods & Drinks
sugar free items

Are you diabetic? Or worried about eating sweets because of the possibility of weight gain? Do you think twice before eating sweets because of health issues? Don’t worry. Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, with the innumerable options in sugar-free sweets and bakery items, you need not put them off-limits. Enjoy the sweets and bakery products guilt-free with the delicious choices available these days.


Why stay away from sweets anyway, especially when we bring to you a rich gamut of sugar-free delights at your doorstep. So go ahead and make the most of these dainties with family and friends.  Life would be so boring without an indulgence of yummilicious sweets, don’t you think so?


Let us make things easier for you. We have shortlisted a few sweets and bakery items which are healthy yet high on taste. So, here is the list of 10 sugar-free sweets and bakery items for the health conscious:


1. Khajur Roll


Khajur roll


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Khajur or dates have been known for providing nutrition and energy to everyone. This popular dry fruit is a power pack of nutrients. And, what better than a sugar-free khajur roll for those with a sweet tooth but cannot indulge in mithai. The delicious mix of dates with nuts makes for an excellent on-the-go snack as well.


You can try ourdelectable sugarless khajur rolls without compromising on your health. It contains naturally sweet dates, which means no-added sugar. The dates are dry-roasted, ground, and again roasted in ghee to make them soft and chewy. The addition of bournvita in this sweet means that children will also love to pamper their taste buds with the delicacy. It is surely worth giving a try.


2. Anjeer Barfi


Anjeer barfi


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Anjeer or fig is known for boosting heart health, preventing constipation, improving bones, and maintaining blood sugar levels. This tasteful barfi is made of anjeer and nuts and serves as one of the best options for the health-conscious with a sweet tooth.


Try it out now to get the authentic taste of this sugar-free sweet, which is high on nutrition. This special anjeer barfi is made by roasting chopped figs, cashew, pistachios, and almonds – which are later generously mixed with pure ghee. The mixture, once cool, is cut into squares. You can also give a pack of this delicacy as a gift to your diet-conscious friends who love to indulge in sweets.



Dry Fruit Sweet



3. Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Delight


Dry fruits barfi


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As the name suggests, this dry fruit sweet is sugar-free and is delicious in taste and flavour. Dry fruits as we all know are wholesome and provide the much-required energy to our body.


These delicious nutritious goodies are just perfect for those who want the wholesomeness of dry fruits but do not want to add on empty calories. This sweet is prepared with ghee-roasted dry-fruits, mixed with honey for guilt-free indulgence. Whether you want to gift it to your health-conscious friends or feed it to your children for the sake of its nutritive value, this sweet serves both the purpose.


4. Khajur Acrot Roll


Khajur akhrot roll


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Akhrot or walnuts and khajur or dates are a powerhouse of nutrition and energy. Khajur acrot roll is a rich, delicious, and sugar-free sweet, which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. It is healthy and can be devoured without any fear of adding on the lard. The tasteful khajur acrot roll is a perfect fusion of good-quality dry fruits, which are coated with poppy seeds. And what's more, the addition of sugar-free sweetener makes it a good choice for those who like to keep a close watch on their weight.


Sugar-free Goodies


5. Dry Fruit Chikki


Dry fruit chikki


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Who doesn’t enjoy chikki in the winters. The name itself brings so many childhood memories of chikki prepared by grandmothers – served with love and a glass of warm milk just before hitting the bed. But now-a-days, it is easily available in the market and the sugar-free version ensures that everyone can relish it, irrespective of age. Made of assorted dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, and more – the chikki is a healthy alternative to sugar-laden snacks.


Try the rich and flavourfulpack of the choicest dry fruit chikkis made with the best-quality dry fruits. The crunchy yet sweet flavour of this sweet will leave you wanting more. Suitable for diabetics, this can also be a healthy substitute for chocolates.


6. Sugar-Free Toast


Sugar-free toast


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The love for toast is no longer a matter of tension for the diabetics or weight watchers. Sugar-free toast which is made of healthy alternatives to refined flour such as bran or soya flour can be easily enjoyed by everyone without worrying about their health. Wheat bran is a healthy dietary fibre rich in antioxidants and minerals.


You can easily order the sugar-free toasts online on SaleBhai. Our sugar-free toast is crunchy yet sweet in taste and is made with bran, whole-wheat, soya, and malt flour. With no added sugar and totally trans-fat and bromate-free, this is a good pick for those with diabetes. A healthy breakfast option for many these days, sugar-free toasts go amazingly well with your favourite spread and a glass of satiating beverage.




7.  Sugar-Free Cookies


Sugar-free cookies


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If you love snacking but worry about your weight and health, then sugar-free cookies are your go-to option. They are low in fat and have no added sugar; can be easily enjoyed without worrying about diabetes. Relish this wholesome snack with a hot cup of tea or just like that.


Sugar-free cookies, available on SaleBhai, are an excellent option for the health-conscious. They are made with whole wheat, which is high in fibre content and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Serve them to your loved ones with a refreshing drink and make them feel special thoroughly.


8. Sugar-Free Fini


Sugar-free fini


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The name of fini itself is enough to tempt anyone who loves sweets. Guess what? Your favourite fini is now available in a sugar-free version too. This also makes it an absolutely healthy and guilt-free sweet. The noodle-like delicacy – often referred to as a bunch of hair by children – is made with pure ghee and high-quality flour. And the absence of sugar makes it perfect for diabetics too. Enjoy this traditional Bikaneri winter dessert with a dollop of rabdi and you will surely become a fan of this rich and unique sweet.


9.  Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Laddoos


Sugar-free dry fruit laddoo


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If you thought that the health-conscious cannot eat laddoos, then think again. The nutritious sugar-free dry fruit laddoo is a tempting sweet full of nutrition and the dry fruits act as natural sweeteners. It will be easy on your weight and can be your all-time hunger companion.


Made with almonds, pistachios, and crushed almonds – it is a good choice for those looking for healthier alternatives to their sweetlicious urges.


10. Sugar-Free Chocolate


Sugar-free milk chocolate


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Who doesn’t love  chocolates? And since chocolates have been proven to be good for heart, everyone needs to indulge in them. The sugar-free chocolates available these days are an easy way to treat yourself without worrying about weight and health. From dark chocolates to dry-fruit chocolates, you are spoilt for choice even in the sugar-free range. So, get ready to indulge in these forbidden pleasures and make your life happy and flavourful. Try our rich and creamy bar of milk chocolate for a thoroughly satiating experience. The mouth-watering taste and texture of this preparation is surely going to make you a fan.


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Sugar Free Sweets