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10 Must-Try Best-Selling Indian Sweets for Every Foodie

by Team SaleBhai - 19-Sep-2017 - Foods & Drinks
Indian sweets

Indian cuisine is known all over the world as the sweet cuisine. Almost half of our dishes are sweets and desserts which have spread to become popular worldwide. There is a vast variety of Indian sweets ranging from simple dessert bites to exotic confectionaries. Our Indian sweets have grown to not only be famous throughout the the world, but also find mention in European and American menus.


We Indians are famous for having a sweet tooth, and we are always on a lookout for an occasion to consume sweets. The English word sugar comes from a Sanskrit word ‘sharkara’ for the refined sugar, while the word candy comes from Sanskrit word ‘khaanda’, for the unrefined sugar which is one of the simplest raw forms of sweet. It is known by different names in different regions, one common name being ‘mithai’.


There’s wide array of Indian sweets, the origin of few even dates back to 19th century.  For instance, the invention of rasgullas in the Eastern part of the country. It is one of the most relished sweetmeats in India and till now it retains the same love and fondness by people.  The culture of having payasam (or kheer) by newly wedded couples is still going strong, especially in the Southern India where it has been passed down to generations, from where the tradition started.


There’s no denying that a little bite of sweetmeat tidbits after our meal is always a pleasure and when you are looking out for different varieties to try, what better place than SaleBhai to satisfy all your sweet cravings. Find here all that you need, when we tell you the top 10 best-selling Indian sweets on SaleBhai. And if you haven’t tried them yet, you need to do so now. 


1. Soan Papdi


Soan Papdi


The very first on our list is everyone’s favorite soan papdi, also known as sohan papadi. It has a flaky like texture that's firm to the touch, but almost instantly dissolves in your mouth. Widely popular in North India, it has slowly reached other countries as well – Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Made with gram flour, sugar, and ghee, soan papdi is garnished with dry fruits. Rich and healthy, it is a titbit popular among everyone with a sweet tooth. Ghastiram Halwai’s Soan Papdi, pure to its name, has a legacy of 100 years – spreading sweetness since then.


Every bite is going to be a melt-in-the-mouth moment and if it doesn’t make you crave for it, we don’t know what will. Get it here and relish every bite.


Price- INR583


2. Rasgulla




The name itself sounds tempting, and it’s even hard to resist when it comes from the house of KC Das, who first made rasgulla for all of us to enjoy. KC Das Canned Rossogolla are white spongy balls soaked in sugar syrup which is made with chhena or curd cheese. They have a succulent sweetness that draws you in.


KC Das Sweets make use of the purest ingredients; including fresh cow milk, go into making this delicacy under the most stringent hygiene standards. So if they ask you about the famous Bengali sweets you have tried till now from the streets of Kolkata, you can have one checked right here from your list.

Price – INR 314



3. Ghevar


Rajasthani ghevar


Winter is coming, and with it comes an irresistible scrumptious sweet confectionery! Can you guess which one it is? Yes, it’s ghevar! The traditional Rajasthani Ghevar Recipe includes a disc-like wheat flour cake soaked in sugar syrup. It is sometimes garnished with chopped dry fruits to add that crunch and texture.


Jodhpur sweet ghevar has it all, with an extra addition of saffron flavour to make it even more delectable and hard to resist. Winter or rainy season is considered to be the right time to enjoy this sweet because a certain degree of moisture is necessary to make ghevar even more delicious.


Treat your whole family with Jodhpur Sweets Ghevar and win hearts! Buy it here.

Price – INR368


4. Bal Mithai


Bal Mithai


If you love to sink your teeth into something delicious, then bal mithai can be a piece of heaven for you. Bal mithai is brown chocolate-like fudge, made with roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls. It is a popular sweet from the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand in India, especially in regions around Almora.


One bite of the oblong treat is sure to leave you delighted. Tiny white poppy seeds covering the yummy titbit further enhance its taste and add a delicate crunch. This flavourful sweet has, and continues to occupy a place in everyone’s heart.


So if you want to have a bite for yourself, and want to know how it tastes like – try Omi Sweet Bal Mithai. Buy it here.

Price – INR 314


5. Halwasan




Halwasan is the traditional Indian sweet from Khambhat (Cambay) area of Gujarat. It is made from cracked wheat, edible gum, sugar, and split milk. This Gujarati mithai was introduced to the world in 1905 by the founder of the brand, Ratilal Chunilal of Khambhat.


So when you bite into a halwasan made by Ratilal Chunilal Halwasanvala, you taste not just Gujarat’s most popular sweet but also a slice of history. It has a fudge like texture and is gooey which makes it even more mouth-watering. Do you want to try it? Get it here.

Price – INR 448


This sweet sells about 1,000-2,000 kg per month. So buy yours before it goes out of stock.


6. Chikki




As soon as the name pops up, the first thought that crosses our mind is ‘Lonavala ki chikki’. Chikki bite is always a delight made from groundnuts sugarcoated with sugar or jaggery. Chikki, with its taste, is also known as an instant energy booster.


There are many varieties available in the market with different flavours for every palate. This time try our crunchy square of sesame seeds mixed with jaggery and glucose. You ask why? Because the nutritive value of this product makes it a guilt-free snacking option.


What are you waiting for? Buy it here.

Price – INR 204


 Khambati Halwasan


7. Barfi




Barfi, also known as burfi, is a sweet confectionery always enjoyed on special occasions such as festivals, rituals, or weddings. The little square pieces taste heavenly and are healthy too. There are varieties such as besan barfi, kaju barfi, pista barfi, and sing barfi. The main ingredients of plain barfi include condensed milk and sugar.


But if you are looking for something different from the usual, we guarantee you will really love our coconut burfi. Give the original recipe a twist and try it in a new avatar. Instead of sugar, Marathe Milk Products Coconut Burfi has the goodness of jaggery. This burfi is soft and crumbly. Buy now.


Price – INR 248


8. Sohan Halwa


Sohan Halwa


Sohan Halwa is a traditional dessert in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan, which is a variety of dense, sweet halwa and believed to be Persian in origin. The sweetmeat is made by boiling a mixture of milk, ghee, corn flour, dry fruits, sugar, and water. People relish its rich taste, thanks to the inclusion of pure ghee.


It a much-loved sweet delicacy - a brittle caramel sweetmeat. Indulge in a unique traditional experience with every bite offered by Gangaram Amarchand Halwai. Their specialty is sohan halwa and they have been treating us since 1898 with good taste and health.

Get it here.

Price- INR 428



9. Sandesh 




All Bengalis will probably be drooling just reading the name. For those who don’t know, sandesh is a traditional Bengali sweet, which is simply delicious and loved by people of all ages. It comes in various forms, depending on ingredients, shapes, and textures.


We have in our store a most delightful Nolen Gurer Sandesh which is a mouth-watering treat for you made using date palm jaggery. Garnished with pistachios, it looks as good as it tastes. Be it puja, festivals, or special occasions, this sandesh will add sweetness all around. The delicate mithai is irresistible and difficult to stop eating until you have devoured them all. Get it delivered to your doorstep, straight from Kolkata. Buy here.

Price – INR 376


10. Karachi Halwa


Karachi Halwa/Bombay halwa


Last, but not the least, we have Karachi halwa on our list. This translucent beauty is famously relished during festive occasions and enjoyed by all, including children. Karachi Halwa, also known as corn-flour halwa, this sweetmeat is made with corn flour, dry fruits, ghee, and sugar. It is chewy and has a shiny, gelatinous texture.


Dry fruits can also be added to this luscious Bombay halwa for an enriching the taste. One can never get enough of it, and especially if it is from Bhagat Halwai, straight from the door of Agra – delighting locals and tourists with their sweet bites since 1795. Buy now.


Price – INR 496

If your mouth is already drooling from reading about all our confectioneries, you need not wait further. You are just a click away from having the sweet delivered at your place and enjoy the moments with your loved ones.


Tell us how many have you already tried before and which one has been your all-time favourite sweet from SaleBhai. We would love to hear from you. Share with us your experience in the comment section below.


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