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10 Most-Popular Bakery Items You Should Try

by Team SaleBhai - 29-Sep-2017 - Foods & Drinks

Did you know that the art of baking is said to have begun during the Roman Empire? Any special occasion demanded a feast of delicious baked treats which brought a smile on everyone's faces and indulged their taste buds. With the increase in their popularity, the goodies spread all over the world like wildfire and everyone became a fan of them soon enough.


History of baking

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Someone very rightly said, ‘I believe in the power of baked goods’. Don't we all? The aroma and taste of a freshly baked cake or cookies bring an ear-to-ear smile on our faces! Birthdays are incomplete without a cake and tea time so boring without some fresh biscuits. To even imagine life without bread, crackers, checkers, muffins, bagels, buns, pastries, cupcakes, brownies, and other sumptuous bakery items is impossible. 


What is baking

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The easiest way to make people happy is to treat them to some awesome delicacies. Baked delights are the best to do that. They are the most convenient to carry, be gifted, and can be relished anytime of the day. Salebhai understands your love for baked goods like no one else.


Here is a list of the top bakery items on our website that you must try.



1- Shrewbury Cookie


 Shrewsbury cookies

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Named after a small county of England, Shrewsbury cookies are also referred to as Shrewsbury cake. Sweet, crunchy, and absolutely delicious – these cookies are made of whole-wheat flour and not regular refined flour. The unique combination of health and taste is a favourite of one and all. From a kid to an aged person, everyone loves to pamper their taste buds with these authentic cookies made with pure butter – sweetened right to impress you and your loved ones with every bite. Brought to you from Pune – the sweet, delicate, and delicious Bakelite Shrewsbury Cookie is a must-have for cookie lovers. 


2- Butterscotch Cookies


Butterscotch Cookies 

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The mid-19th century witnessed an invention of a revolutionary delectable flavour that came as a sweet surprise for the pudding industry – butterscotch. Since then, it has been used in innumerable cookies, ice creams, pastries, and other dessert recipes. Our sweet and crunchy butterscotch biscuits are perfect to be carried for picnics, movies, or while travelling long distances. These sumptuous bites are very popular among all age groups for their unique and delicious taste. Try them out now.


3- Chocolate Cookies


Belgian chocolate cookies 


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Here is a much-loved bestseller from our online bakery. And, we will tell you why. Chocolate and cookie are combined in one – it can’t get better than this. Try our wide range of healthy and delicious chocolate cookies – some made of whole-wheat flour, some loaded with crunchy chocolate chips, and others enriched with the goodness of select dry fruits. Their flavoursome essence is sure to leave you spellbound, try them out. Dig into Agarwal’s Delight Chocolate Cookies, Sangam Sweets Choco Chip Biscuits, Bakelite Choco Almond Cookies – and you will know for yourself.


4- Toast


 Brown Toast


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Toast aka rusk is somewhat like a biscuit or a bread that is baked twice – till it’s rightly crisp – ready to be dipped in tea and savoured with evident slurps. Kids love to relish it with jam, butter, or even chocolate on it. It is a must-have in every kitchen as it serves as the perfect quick breakfast or a filling snack to go with tea in the evening. You can try from our gamut of fresh and healthy rusks – sweet and salty suji toast, sugar-free toast, crunchy brown toast, delectable milk toast, and the classic butter toast


5- Coconut Cookies


Coconut Cookies


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When coconut met cookie, what came out was absolutely mouth-watering and compelling. The tantalising aroma of freshly baked coconut cookies is enough to make you drool. Be it Bakelite Coconut Cookies – a crispy exterior with a soft and chewy interior, utterly delectable Prakash Namkeen Mini Coconut Cookies, delicious and crunchy Sangam Sweets Coconut Biscuits, or Agrawal’s Delight signature Coconut Kaju Cookies – each is sure to make you very happy and satisfied. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.


Healthy Food


6- Sugar-Free Cookies


Sugar-free Cookies


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In today’s world, a healthy treat is sure to win many hearts. And so do our much-loved sugar-free cookies. This healthy snack option – with zero sugar – is a blessing for those who are either diabetic or trying to watch their weight. The most appealing choices in this range are brought to you by Shuchi and Bakelite. We understand your need to stay fit and healthy like no one else does.


7- Khari




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A constant and evergreen tea-partner – khari – is the most sought-after snack in India and beyond. This on-the-go tidbit gives you company wherever you are. All you need is a cup of hot tea and a pack of khari to take a refreshing and filling break anywhere, anytime – office, travelling, movies, or at home. The simple yet delicious savoury from Bakelite or crunchy and light-weight mini khari twists from Sangam Sweets – not only make snacking fun but healthy too.


8- Wheat Biscuits


Wheat Biscuit


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With the increasing focus on a healthy body and mind – our range of wheat biscuits is winning over hearts as one of the best-selling bakery items. Be it from Sangam Sweets, Prakash Namkeen, Agrawal’s Delight, Bakelite, or any other seller – the rich and wholesome preparations never fail to impress even the most discernible palates. These are a huge hit among kids – for their fluffy and delicate texture. They melt in the mouth instantly – leaving a delicious aftertaste. Generally enjoyed with a cup of tea by the grown-ups, these crunchy delights are perfect to be relished by the younger lot with a glass of milk. Bring home these baked-to-perfection delights and enjoy them with friends and family. 


9-  Pista Badam Cookies


Pista Badam Cookies


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Our heavenly combination of pistachio and almond cookies will create an unforgettable magic in your mouth. Try some slightly sweet and salty ones from Bakelite, sweet and crispy from Sukhadia Garbaddas Bapuji, and nutty and filling ones from Agrawal’s Delight. These crisp perfectly baked goodies come as the most appetizing saviour when hunger attacks, especially untimely. 



10- Costaz Bebinca


Costaz Bebinca

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So what if you can’t go to Goa as much as you want to? You can now relish the queen of Goan desserts – Bebinca – to your heart’s fill, without having to go there. This bestseller is brought to you from the most trusted, loved, and iconic Costaz – a brand offering original Goan delicacies for over 100 years now. A favourite of the locals as well as everyone who gets to taste it even once, this traditional pudding is a storehouse of utter deliciousness. Each melt-in-the-mouth bite of this divine treat is loaded with the goodness of coconut, eggs, and fresh butter. A favourite of the young and the old alike, this exotic multi-layered pudding is a must-have on your kitchen shelf.


With our busy lifestyle, we tend to ignore our health. Skipping meals has become a constant feature in our lives. We suggest you keep some easy-to-stock snacks at home, workplace, or even in the car – and reach out for them whenever you crave something delicious and filling. And what can be better than indulging yourself with baked goodies and tea in the company of friends. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best ones available on SaleBhai. Buy bakery items online. Order now.


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Did you like this story? Want to share your feedback/appreciation/criticism? Please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below. 

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