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10 Highly-Recommended Hair Care Products to Buy Online

by Team SaleBhai - 30-Oct-2017 - Health & Beauty
Hair care

Is owning soft, gorgeous, shiny, and lustrous hair your dream? Do you feel jealous when you spot a person with gorgeous hair? What if we say you can have shiny, gorgeous mane and flaunt it everywhere you go? Read on to find out how.


With ever-rising pollution, it has become even more necessary to take proper care of our hair, and thus there is a constant search for hair care products that are best suited for us. Taking out time from our busy schedule to care for our hair can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be so. A simple daily hair care regimen is enough to keep hair at its best. Start using herbal hair careproducts rather than chemicals laden products available in the market, and see the difference for yourself. 


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Which are the best products for your hair? Here’s the list of the 10 best-selling hair care products to use for your daily hair care regimen and buy them online -


1.Hair Massage Oil


Coconut hair oil


That massage or champi, as you like to call it, from your mother or grandmother’s loving hands was such a stress-buster. Apart from relieving tensions from our mind, it acted as a perfect home therapy. Hair massage is important for stimulating the scalp and nourishing it.


Coconut oil is the best hair oil for massaging; it helps repair damaged hair, thus promoting stronger and healthier hair growth. Our Virgin Plus Coconut oil comes to you straight from God’s own country. Massage your hair with only the best coconut oil rich in antioxidants and enjoy hair that shines with health.


2.  Shampoo is a Must


Hair herbal shampoo


Shampoo is basic hygiene. Whether it is three or five days a week, your hair needs regular washing to get rid of unwanted pollutants. Without regular shampooing, hair can become lusterless and smell unpleasant.


The first guide towards choosing the right shampoo is to see if it contains chemicals or ingredients that are harmful. Make sure to check whichever product you use is paraben-free. And if herbal is your choice, we have one in our store that will not only cleanse your hair, but will also nourish it.


Neev Olive Aloe Hair Wash combines the goodness of a host of herbal ingredients to give you strong, healthy, and great-looking hair. If you are looking for a high-quality shampoo, olive aloe hair wash is the one – free of all harsh chemicals. Suited for all types of hair, it contains properties that will repair your damaged tresses. Treat your hair wisely. 


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3. Hair Conditioner


Jojoba hair conditioner


A good hair conditioner is essential for hair care after you have washed it. It makes your hair feel soft and smooth, and helps detangling while combing. Regardless of your hair texture; dry, oily, or fine hair – you need conditioner. It provides your hair with nutrients needed to keep your mane healthy-looking and shiny.


For those looking for a herbal hair conditioner free of chemicals, Neev Jojoba Hair Conditioner is a great choice. Made with the best natural ingredients, it works to condition every strand and gives your hair that extra shine and beauty. The best part is that it is well-suited for all types of hair.


Using tips: Condition your hair only from the mid-section to the ends. Because hair closer to the scalp is new and healthy, but hair towards the end gets rough and starts splitting. Keep your hair nourished.


4. Is Black Your Colour Too?


Black hair colour


Black is the new black! Wouldn’t you agree? Nothing like the colour black to get youthful and lustrous look. Don’t you want to flaunt your glorious hair?


With colour dyes comes the risk of spoiling your hair, and damaging it forever. But you want to experiment too and we understand that you want to look younger.


Try our 4M Asset Easy Black, which gives you black tresses with an application as easy as a regular hair wash. It promises you glossy mane in gleaming shades of the night in just five minutes. Could you ask for more?


5. Cleanse Your Hair


Hair cleanser


With the ever-increasing use of dry shampoo, we may do fine without washing our hair for a few days. But what dry shampoo does is that it draws out the oil from the scalp but doesn’t remove it completely. It can leave your hair dry, along with dead skin on the scalp. Products like oils and volumiser need to be removed from the skin; otherwise, they block follicles and may cause irritation.


Shikakai acts as a natural alternative to the chemical laden and surfactant-based cleansers. Ancient Living Shikakai Hair Cleanser is a wonderful blend of plant-based remedies that merges the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda in a modern formulation of powdered cleanser. It will cleanse your hair and your scalp and will give you lustrous, nourished, detangled tresses.


6. Treat Dandruff


Anti-dandruff oil


Dandruff is one of the major hair issues that many of us face most of the time. There is no better solution than the home remedies in such cases. But with busy lifestyles, people don’t have time for themselves anymore.


That’s where BioBloom Hair Oil – Dandruff Control comes to the rescue. Made using all the essential natural oils of herbs - cedarwood, tea tree, turmeric, and pure cold-pressed base oils, this product is the solution for pesky dandruff. This is hair care at home with petrochemical and paraben-free products, which provides the nourishment your hair needs. 


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7. Hair Fall Solution


Rosemary essential oil


Now begins the season of hair fall. It is disturbing to see strands and strands of hair falling as we comb our hair. It’s really important to strengthen our hair to further prevent hair fall from happening.


How do you do that? The best solution would be your basic essential herbal oilRosemary. Add that to your hair care regimen, and watch the magic unfold. It is your one-stop to not just hair fall, but all your hair problems. A perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary also gives an unforgettably refreshing and sweet aroma that instantly rejuvenates your mind. It works like magic. 


8. Dark and Strong 


Strong hair care product


Dark and strong hair is every girl’s dream. Do you wish for the same? Luckily, we have good news for you. We have found the secret ingredient to healthy and gorgeous hair. Any guesses?


Let us give you a hint. It is a medicinal herb that grows in moist areas, and is called ‘Kehraj‘ in Assamese and ‘Karisalankanni’ in Tamil. If you are thinking Bhringraj, you are right. It is known to work magic if used regularly as a beauty product. Massaging your hair with Bhringraj oil helps enhance blood circulation in the scalp and relax the muscles, thereby bringing plenty of benefits – it darkens the colour of your hair and also strengthens it. 


9. Health, Bounce, and Shine 


Beauty care - hair product


Watching Disney princess always set high hair goals for us. That thick, shiny, and bouncy hair pulled back into an elegant and gorgeous hairdo had our eyes glued to them. Since then, you always wished for the same bouncy, shiny hair.


Well, we found a way to healthy bouncy, shiny, and strong hair. Rustic Art Biodegradable Herbal Shampoo has essential oils of wild rose and geranium that is very effective in adding volume to hair. You can notice the difference when you use this shampoo. It’s time to live those dreams in reality. 


10. Hair Wash Soap


Shampoo bars


We saved the best for the last. Hair soap was popular before the invention of shampoo and conditioner. Since shampoos are very common and popular, we are sure you would be reluctant to switch to hair wash soap from shampoo.


But trust us, shampoo bars have great benefits. You will have better control over frizzy hair and get more defined curls that are more manageable. Shampoo soaps are good for all hair types and lengths. Enriched with reetha, shikakai, brahmi, and bhringraj, Neev Hair Wash Soap gently cleanses the hair while conditioning it as well. Free from complete harmful chemicals, it offers a healthy way to strong and shiny tresses. Try it and see the change.


We can’t wait to hear your hair adventures. Tell us your secret to hair care. We would love to hear from you.  


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Hair Care Products