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10 Coolest Ways You Can Celebrate Rakshabandhan In 2017

by Team Salebhai - 18-Jul-2017 - Cultures & Festivals

The onset of the saavan month, the whiff of ghevar, gujiya, phirni, and other delicacies in the market, and the wide variety of rakhis flooding local and online markets – with cartoon figures for little siblings, with gold or silver bracelet for the elder ones, and some just as precious as the occasion itself – tell us Rakshabandhan is round the corner.


‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘bandhan’ means bond – the relation of eternal protection and bond between a sister and brother cannot be celebrated any better than this. And this sacred relation surely deserves one full day to celebrate and feel thankful about. Rakshabandhan is that special Indian festival that brings with it unmatched emotions, lots of sumptuous sweets, and special gifts.


Celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan, Rakshabandhan is celebrated all across the country and even beyond. Different parts of our country have different names for this festival such as Rakhi Purnima, Rakhi, and Rakhri. The sacred thread of love – rakhi – is generally made of cotton or silk and stands for a sister’s undying love and care she has for her brother. And the brother in return shows his everlasting feelings of care and protection towards his sister with a token – small or big. This bond sometimes extends beyond blood ties. If a girl/woman feels that special connect with a classmate or a neighbour, rakhi can be tied on the latter too and this beautiful relation can be maintained all life long. Besides real siblings, it is also celebrated with cousins. The festival has a very strong family aura around it. It is mostly celebrated with the whole family present – as if witness to the blessed exchange of rakhi and gifts with loads of underlying love and tender feelings. We have all grown up celebrating this festival with full gusto and enthusiasm, however, it is now time to make this day even more special.


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Here are some simple yet special ways to make rakshabandhan 2017 super memorable

So here we share with you some cool and fun ideas to celebrate Rakhi in a different style – out-of-the-box and more personal. Try any one or more this Rakshabandhan and you can come back to thank us later.


Photo collage

Selfies surely is a latest term. However, the technology is not-so-new. Reel cameras have a part of our and our parents lives for more than three decades. And you thought only you have a craze for clicking and getting yourself clicked! Ask you mother for all the old pictures and look out for the ones clicked on this special festival. Even if you can’t get a picture from every year just get hold of as many as possible and make a collage out of them, get it framed and gift it to your brother or sister and see how it becomes the high point of your celebration this year. Another option is to collect your special childhood photos – not necessarily rakshabandhan ones – and get a collage made out of them. If time permits make a handmade collage with stickers that remind you of your childhood, or the cartoons you fought or bonded over as the border. And then get it framed. Sit and unwrap it together and smile over the special memories attached to each picture.



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Personalized video

This is surely a latest trend. Wedding videos, birthday videos, pre-wedding videos, post-wedding videos are totally in and make for awesome surprises. Yes, surprise! Film short interviews of all your close friends and relatives who are well-aware of the special bond you share with your sibling. And combine all the bits and pieces together later on. Let them talk about your love for each other, or some funny or emotional anecdote from your childhood, or how you two were inseparable, always. If you are not good at at get a professional to do it for you in the most beautiful way. In between each talk you can include some pictures of you two together – photographs that show the special connection between you two, most perfectly. You can even add his or her favourite song in the background or even better let a nursery rhyme – you both grew up listening and reciting together. Do remember to sit with some tissues around, because this one is going to get everyone emotional for sure.




Trip to your favorite place

We all have a personal favourite place. We may be attached to it for some or the other reason – the fact that we went on a family holiday there every year or went there several times to spend leisure time with family or some other. How about your maternal grandparent’s house? We all loved going there and waited for summer and winter vacations to begin for this sole reason. Once college starts you may not be able to combine your visit to your nani’s house together. However, make sure you plan your dates in such a way that you can travel to your maternal grandparents’ house together. Try to get together at your own home, pack together like you used to, and leave with your own parents like you did when you were young and small. And yes while there, don’t forget to go to the local kulfi and noodle kiosk you used to before.



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Movies and more

Relive old days with some of your favourite flicks – these can be specific to brother sister relationship or just random favourites. Or pick out from different genres – comedy, emotional, sibling love, horror, and a thriller. Remember make sure the ones you choose have some significance and should help you transport to the times you watched these movies together and then slipped into slumber talking about the best and worst scenes from the same. Do it all over again – watch it, talk it, fight over which is to be played first and the popcorn, and sleep over it.


Here are some movies based on brother sister love you can choose from:



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Dig in for your old board games

Remember the biggest game of our childhood – ludo and snakes & ladders? I am sure you also remember the snake that always bit everyone on number 98 – just when you thought you have won. It is time to try your luck and wreck your brains once again. If you can't find the old one go get a new one. Some more board games you must have played as kids are picnic, business game, chess, checker, and more. Or playing some card games is also not a bad idea – UNO, wrestling mania, or the innumerable game choices that you can indulge in with a pack of normal playing cards.


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Do good together, feel good together

If you have the charitable streak in you then go ahead and visit an orphanage. Help the young boys and girls celebrate this festival with equal enthusiasm. Sometimes all you need to feel great is to spread some love and happiness around. You can carry some simple rakhis along with some sweets, toffees, or chocolates. It is indeed one unique way of celebrating this great day and the thrill on their faces will give you reason to rejoice the whole day. You can spend some quality time with these kids and listen to their sibling tales and share of your own too.



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Revisit your old school

Plan your visit to your home town for rakshabandhan 2017 and revisit your old school. If possible get in touch with the boys you tied rakhi to in school, or the girls who tied rakhi around your wrist and see if they can join you too. Celebrate with the super luscious burgers, cold drinks, noodles, and bread pakoras of the school canteen and come back happy like never before. Use the break-time of the school to spend some time in each other’s class rooms and to meet each other’s teachers too. Don’t forget to get the teacher into telling the naughtiest stunt pulled by your sibling while there.


Give a surprise visit

Old is gold. This trick always works. And the look on the host’s face to receive such a special surprise visitor is priceless for sure.If your sister or brother is not able to make it home due to office or college commitments then give him or her a surprise. If possible, act like you have been planning on sending something really big. And when the big pack arrives on the big day let her unwrap it to find you hiding with lots of balloons inside.



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Make it larger than life

Ok, so once you are done with the morning ceremonies of exchanging rakhis and gifts with all the members of the family as witness plan to go out – with just the sibling or everyone else too. Take her or him out to your favourite mall and have arrangements done for two men greeting your prized sibling with a huge banner saying – Happy Rakshabandhan, I love you, Cheers to my first BFF, you are the most special, or some sibling quote of your choice. And see the joy on your sibling’s face – priceless and real.



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Plan a fun filled day together

Make a list of all the fun activities you loved doing together and as kids – swimming, experimenting in the kitchen, playing cricket, cycling, or more. Also make a list of things you wished to do together but could not due to some or the other reason – it may be horse riding, trekking, gardening, or more. Pick out the most-loved activities and indulge in them thoroughly throughout the day. Come back home satisfied and very happy, looking forward to spending more such time together.



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May your bond with you sister or brother deepen with each passing day and may each Rakshabandhan bring with it beautiful surprises. Regular celebrations are done enough; it is now time to do something out-of-the-box for someone you love so much, someone who is a reflection of your childhood days, someone who would do anything for you, and for that someone who means the world to you.
A very happy Rakshabandhan to one and all – let this festival of love fill your lives with heaps and bounds of love and your lives with truck loads of awesome memories and moments.


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