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10 Bestselling Items For Your Home Decor Online Shopping List

by Team SaleBhai - 17-Nov-2017 - Decor & lifestyle
Bestselling Home Decor Online Shopping

The excitement of moving into a new home or revamping your existing abode is unmatched. The happiness that comes with a house you can call your own, knows no bound and that on-top-of-the-world feeling only gets better when the onus of doing the place up rests on your shoulders.


And with this delightfully engaging task at hand, you have so much to look forward to. From the right choice of colours, size, and shape of the basic essentials to the perfect decorative for every spot of your home -- there is so much to plan. I understand, while you are at all this, there is one thought that would constantly run in your mind, because it did in mine too while I was doing up my new house. Having paid a heavy sum to acquire your dream home or the initial installments of a rented one, you need time to recover -- financially.


 Simple yet stylish decor

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So what is the best way to budget it well? I would suggest you make full use of home decor online shopping – a platform where you can find everything to beautify your home perfectly, at a reasonable price.


We have compiled a list of our bestselling home decoratives for your splendid abode. Here it is:


1- Jaipur Ace Tableware Silver And Gold Bowl, Mug, Wine Glasses, Platter, and Gift Sets


Silver & Copper ware


Image credits


The exquisite range of silver, copper, and brassware from the land of the royals – Jaipur – is to be seen to be believed.  And the picture above gives a good glimpse of the same. From stunning silver and gold plated bowls, silver and brass plated wine glasses, to more designer items -- the tableware will add an elegant touch to your home. The intricate work done by expert artisans of Jaipur is sure to steal your heart away. So treat your visitors like the royals treated their prized guests and let them see the best side of you.  Rest assured, you will be spoilt for choice by the rich gamut that Jaipur Ace Arts brings for you. Iindulge in these unique options and get ready to host that much-awaited housewarming party.

2- Nakoda Handicrafts Ganesh Chowki Pagdhi From Rajasthan


Wine Set



Ganesha chowki


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In all attractive shades of orange, yellow, green, and red -- highlighted on a magnificent white marble background -- this artefact makes for a soothing and stunning decorative. Add the much-required divine touch to your decor and spread peace and tranquility around. This hand-painted Rajasthani handicraft -- with exquisite meenakari work -- ensures that the corner you place this in, stands out. The holy kalash in the centre of the chowki -- with beautiful peacocks on each side  -- adds an ethereal look. So with home decor online shopping being a matter of a few clicks, you have the best things in the world at your fingertips.


3- Sisam Wood Art Gautam Buddha - Landscape


Buddha under a tree


Image credits


We bring to you yet another best seller from our home decorative range that will not only beautify your home but also provide you peace of mind. And we all know how crucial decorating our walls is. The aspect of shape, size, colour, and art of the wall hanging has to be considered well before picking it up. Add a rustic look to your drawing room with this appealing wooden handicraft -- hanging majestically on the wall. And let the symbol of peace – Buddha – spread positivity and good vibes around. So now you know what is the next piece of decorative you want for your house. Am I right or am I right? Order it on SaleBhai now.


4- Giskaa Hexagonal Shaped Designer Nut Bowl - Longpi Black Pottery


Dokra Art


Longpi black pottery


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Here is another item that will not only add to your style but also make you and your guests feel special. Black pottery is the pride of North East, and we bring to you the most exquisite designs. So next time you call your extended or close family or even friends over for a get-together -- show off your classic style by serving their favourite cookies, namkeen, or dry fruits in this handcrafted Manipuri bowl. The stunning biodegradable bowl can also be displayed on the centre table with fresh flowers or potpourri. I love it when a utility item is so beautiful that it can add value to your style and be used as a decorative too. Don’t you too?


5- Handcrafted Wooden Goblet


Wooden Goblet


Image credit


If you are a fan of handcrafted wooden artefacts then you must gets your hands on our bestselling goblets – entirely made of wood. The majestic appeal of this wooden grandeur is perfect. Let the unique design and mesmerising looks of the shiny artefact – made by expert artisans of North East – add value to your decor and style quotient, instantly. This smoothly carved goblet is environmental-friendly and a right step towards a better world.


6- Giskaa Rounded Coffee Mug - Longpi Black Pottery



Coffee mug


Image credits


A hot and steaming cup of tea or coffee is an integral part of catching up with a friend, colleague, or family. Your kitchenware is as crucial as all the other enhancements, so it better be top-notch too. Impress your visitors with this sophisticated black mug and add an earthly touch to your teatime. Its  cane-decorated handle adds to the overall beauty of the handcrafted mug manyfold. And the smooth-finish of the eco-friendly, utilitarian artefact is definitely worth all your admiration.


7- Shiva Arts Clock


Peacock clock


Image credits


Here comes the perfect piece for the centre of your drawing room wall or even the entrance. This much-loved papier mache artefact is handcrafted by skilled artisans of Jaipur. The stunning piece displays two multi-coloured, majestic peacocks, holding a beautiful clock between their plumes. This exquisite representation of our national bird – which is also considered as a symbol of renewal – is just the thing you had been looking for. The well-contrasted, attractive colours are a treat to the eyes and demand attention no matter where it is placed.


8- Roque Handicrafts Buddha Sitting

Sitting Buddha


Image credits


Placing a Buddha statute at home is not only considered divine, it is in vogue too. The most famous meditative position of the all-pervasive Buddha has been copied by many artisans in clay, metal, papier mache, stone, and many other forms. And truly, the calm you feel when you look at a statue of Him is an  experience in itself. This enchanting turquoise blue, silver, and red brass statue is sure to steal the show. Place the auspicious statue in the showcase and feel it spread it’s positive charm around.


9-Shiva Arts: Marble Pot Cut Work


Cut work pot


Image credits


A vase is an integral part of home decor in India. Either kept as it is or with a few flowers -- it looks regal and rustic at the same time. The best part is you can keep rotating its sides to showcase a new design every time. This handcrafted delight depicts two different paintings on both sides. The multi-coloured intricate flower designs all over the artefact make it look all the more attractive. This magnificent marble vase with appealing kundan work makes for an extremely eye-catching piece of decor.


10- Iron Handicrafts Krishna Key Hanger


Krishna key hanger


Image credits


Don’t we all love Kanha? Well, we bring to you a very unique Krishna key hanger. Lord Krishna is one of the most revered deities all over the world. This sturdy metal key holder with two hooks depicts Lord Krishna playing the flute. Hang it right at the entrance so that your guests can make use of it too. This will give them two reasons to appreciate the spectacular piece of handcrafted art.


Salebhai brings the best of decoratives – representing a part of the rich traditions of India. Every corner of your home, each piece of craft, and every colour has something to say about you. So, say it like you should -- with the most exquisite Indian handicrafts curated by the most experienced and skilled artisans of our beautiful country, for your beautiful home.



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