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About Saumya Vihaan
Saumya Vihaan is the First of its kind lifestyle project based on Horse. It’s India’s first Equine Resort which brings all the activities related to horse at one place. The Project is spread across 300 bighas of greenery, Saumya Vihaan offers a unique combination of class & economics making life style property affordable with low indulgence cost with first-of-its-kind equine resort having all types of horse activities which includes a stud farm, a race course, a horse riding academy, a polo ground and a world class club resort.

Chetak Race-Course:

Chetak, was the horse of Maharana Pratap, whom Pratap rode during the Battle of Haldighati, 21 June, 1576. Chetak died in this battle and since then has been immortalized in the ballads of Rajasthan. Folklore has it that Chetak's coat had a blue tinge. That is why Rana Pratap is sometime referred as the Rider of the Blue Horse in ballads. Named after the legendary horse 'Chetak', Chetak Race-Course will be probably the only race course to come up in India in recent times providing the magnificent experience of horse racing. It will be based on community living. No other race-Course in the world is supported by the activities that Saumya Vihaan Boasts off.

Curlin Polo Ground:

The polo ground at Saumya Vihaan has been named after the famous horse 'Curlin'. Curlin is an American Thoroughbred racehorse and the highest North American money earner. His major racing wins include the 2007 Preakness Stakes, 2007 Breeders' Cup Classic, and 2008 Dubai World Cup. Curlin Polo Ground brings you the thrill of polo, where you can feel the action, skill and excitement at our world class polo ground. Curlin polo ground will be one of India's very few and the latest polo ground to come up in recent times.

Kelso Horse Riding Academy:

Horse riding academy at Saumya Vihaan has been named after the famous horse 'kelso'. Kelso was an American thoroughbred racehorse considered among the best racehorses of the 20th century. Kelso, the most successful gelding in racing history and one of the finest horses to ever step on an American racetrack, was foaled at Claiborne Farm in 1957. All types of training to be imparted, from amateurs to professionals with all levels of training. The kelso horse riding academy will be one of the best training facilities available in & around Ahmedabad. The objective is to popularize this sport & also give an opportunity to people to harness their skills. It will have almost all the breeds available in India with the finest coaches around. It will run special courses & programs to teach the art of riding horses.


The 'Stud Farm' will be a combination of sprawling horse filled pastures and a period ranch house structures to assure the ultimate 'Stud Farm Living. It will comprise of unique attraction of outstanding natural beauty that will be home to some of the most magnificent horses and sumptuous gardens, an inimitable combination not to be found anywhere in Asia. The Stud Farm Living will be part of the project 'Saumya Vihaan' which will be spread across 300 bighas of greenery providing the unique living experience.

Bucephalus Club Resort:

Bucephalus was Alexander the Great's horse and one of the most famous actual horses of antiquity. A massive creature with a massive head, Bucephalus is described as having a black coat with a large white star on his brow. He is also supposed to have had a "wall", or blue eye, and his breeding was that of the "best Thessalian strain." It will provide a rare co-existence of relaxation with activities spread across the club resort would boast of a five star hotel, multiple swimming pools to cater various requirements, health & fitness centre, spa with various massage options, multi- cuisine restaurants, fishing point, boating, special kid area, and many more. Horse Museum, Accessory Shop & more...

Residential Plots, Bungalows and Villas:

Saumya Vihaan' will provide a unique living experience. For the first time in India, people will experience 'Stud Farm Living'. An experience which will be a combination of adventure & luxury. It will have three options to choose from residential plots, bungalows & large villas. These will be best in class residential plots available for constructing one's own house. The residential plots will be available in three sizes, 4500 Sq.Ft., 6300 Sq.Ft. & 9000 Sq.Ft. These plots will be with a boundary and gate. The roads will be covered with greenery along with lush green garden.
Payment Terms
1 Particulars Plot size Plot size Plot size
2 Area in Sq.Ft. 4500 6300 9000
3 Basic Rate (in Rs./Sq.Ft.) 455 455 455
4 Amount (in Rs.) 2047500 2866500 4095000
Plan 1 (in Rs.)
1 EMIs for 18 months with 8% discount 1883700 2637180 3767400
  a) 1st 6 months 80000 112000 160000
  b) from 7th month to 12th month 105000 147000 210000
  c) from 13th month to 18th month 128950 180530 257900
2 EMIs for 30 months with 4% discount 1965600 2751840 3931200
  a) 1st 10 months 45000 67000 90000
  b) from 11th month to 20th month 65000 84000 130000
  c) from 21th month to 30th month 86560 124184 173120
3 EMIs for 65 months 2047500 2866500 4095000
  a)    1st 15 months 19990 27986 39980
  b)    from 16th month to 30th month 28990 40586 57980
  c)    from 31st month to 65th month 37509 52512.6 75017

1. What is Saumya Vihaan ? 
Saumya Vihaan is a lifestyle project and one of its kind facility in this Continent where all the activities related to horse will be brought at one place. It will be a unique place where we have a stud farm, a race course, a polo field, a riding, horse training academy, a museum together with a huge club house for recreational activities for owners of the residential plots, members of the Club etc. This lifestyle project is coming up in the vicinity of Dholera (SIR),Gujarat. 

2. What is a lifestyle project ? 
Lifestyle is the way a person lives to one’s own ability. It has now got associated with ‘class’. Lifestyle indulgence are generally meant for high class which is supposed to be with huge cost. We at ‘Saumya Vihaan’ aim at making ‘lifestyle’ experience affordable on a sustainable basis. 

3. Where is Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) located ? What is the importance of this location ? 
Dholera (SIR) is located in Gujarat and is only 97 Km from Ahmedabad. Dholera (SIR) is covered by water faces on three sides i.e. Gulf of Khabhat (east), Bavaliari creek (north), Sonaria creek (south). It is located within 100 Km of dedicated freight corridor (DFC). National Highway No. 8 connects Dholera (SIR) with Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara and Mumbai. It is almost equidistant from Ahmedabad, Rajkot & Vadodara. 

Dholera is India’s first smart city. It will be a model for other future smart cities. The vision of Dholera (SIR) is to develop an area of 927 Sq. kms., as a global manufacturing and trading hub. A smart city as per the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai D. Modi. The goals envisaged for the region is to double the employment potential, triple the industrial output and quadruple exports from Gujarat in the coming days. More details on Dholera (SIR), kindly visitwww.dholerasir.com a Gujarat Government website. 

4. What is the status of Dholera SIR and when it will get completed ? 
Six TPs (Town Planning) have been completed for the entire area of Dholera SIR. The work on first phase which comprises of 22 square kilometres is to start from first quarter of 2015. Dholera SIR and the International Airport has got all environmental clearances. Government of Gujarat has allocated Rs. 3000 crores for the infrastructure development in this year. Government of Gujarat has also allocated 17,000 hectares of land for the International Airport. For more details on Dholera (SIR), kindly visit www.dholerasir.com a Gujarat Government website. 

5. What are the advantages of this location from investment point of view ? 
The land prices have jumped to quadruple in less than five years and expected to be consistent atleast for the next ten years as more and more companies and international manufacturing hubs are getting into this space as per the call being given by of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai D. Modi for ‘Make in India’ campaign. An International Airport and a dedicated freight corridor, a Metrolink Express between Ahmedabad and Dholera (SIR) is also planned therefore the traffic will be increasing day by day and will keep the momentum of price northwards. 

6. What other facilities would be provided if I own a residential plot ? 
The owner of the residential plot will be given the membership of the Equine Resort for a period of 15 years. Equine Resort will have a race course, a polo field, a horse riding academy, a stud farm & a club resort. 

7. When shall the possession of the residential plots be handed over to us ? 
The possession of the unit will be handed over after three years of booking subject to complete payment of the residential plot together with registration & other charges.

8) Will I be able to build a bungalow in Saumya Vihaan ? 
Yes, the unit owners will be able to build a bungalow as per their choice. 

9. Will I be able to rent out the bungalow, if I build one ? 
Yes, you will be allowed to rent out the same. 

10. What will be the cancellation process ? 
Cancellation request need to be given in writing to the company post receipt of the request the cancellation will be processed as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the commercial terms. However, for this campaign period any cancellation request received within 20 days of the booking would be eligible for 100% refund of the booking amount. 

11. Can an individual change the name of the owner after booking ? 
No. Once the booking is made the name will have to go through the cancellation process as per the policy of cancellation placed herein. 

12. What is the total value of a single unit ? Are there any other charges apart from the prices mentioned ? 
The total value of the residential plot will depend upon the size of the residential plot and other charges related to the same. We encourage and request you to kindly read the charges carefully and keep yourself abreast. The other charges related to the residential plot is mentioned in the other Commercial terms and conditions section. 

13. How will my residential plot be taken care of if I hardly visit the location ? 
It will be a gated community with 24 hours security and periodical maintenance. 

14. Do I get a choice in selecting a unit ? 
Yes, you will get a choice in making your bookings. Unit choice will be allotted on ‘first come first serve basis’ depending upon their size. The final allotment will be made within one month of booking. 

15. What is the procedure to book a residential plot online ? 
We are thankful for the interest displayed by you. All you need to do is go to BUY NOW option and follow the process. You can make a booking by using debit / credit card or net banking facility available. 

16. What is the booking amount ? 
There is no booking amount. Your first EMI starts with the booking. 

17. How safe and secure is this platform for Online Booking ? 
The payment gateway is hosted on secured networks of Axis Bank. 

18. What is ‘Expression of Interest’ ? 
Expression of Interest will serve as a confirmation to the organisation towards a Booking, as per the details provided by the Applicant. 

19. Is the booking amount refundable ? 
Yes during the ‘freelook’ period else the booking amount is subject to cancellation procedures which is provided in the ‘Commercial terms and conditions’. 

20. What is the total value of the residential plot ? 
The total value of the residential plot as per the size and payment choice is provided in the payment details sheet. We encourage you to go through the payment plan on the page provided. 

21. What is the procedure after booking ? 
Post booking, an application form will be sent to you which you need to duly fill and complete it together with the ‘KYC documents’ and other requirements of completing the ECS form for payment of instalments or post dated cheques as applicable. After completion of these formalities, a relationship manager will contact you to inform you the unit number and further information if any.

Commercial Terms & Conditions

The price of the residential plot in Saumya Vihaan is also subject to the following charges and conditions :

Society Membership Fees :

The Membership Fee of the proposed society is Rs. 11,000/- for each residential plot. This amount will be charged at the time of registration of the property.

Stud Farm & Club Membership :

The membership of the Equine Resort is free for all residential plot owners of for a period of 15 years from the date of registration.

Development Charges :

The development charges will be Rs. 11/- per Sq.Ft. The other charges towards electricity to the residential plot and legal charges connected with the same shall be payable in addition which will be around Rs.25000 - Rs.40,000/- for a 4500 Sq.Ft. residential plot.

Maintenance :

The maintenance of the residential plot will be charged at Rs. 7.50/- per square feet of allotted residential plot area as per the allotment letter. This upfront maintenance charge is for a period of four years from the date of registration of the residential plot.

Stamp Duty of 5% and Registration Fees of 1% (subject to the fact that the member is not female) is applicable.

Service Tax, VAT etc., and any fresh levies / taxes imposed by the Government, Statutory bodies of State or Central Government or any Local Authority shall be claimed separately as and when applicable.

Allotment Duration and Mode :

Allotment of Garden facing and Corner plots will be charged a PLC (Preferred Location Charge) of Rs.50,000 per unit, subject to availability. The Duration of the allotment shall be cancelled / re allotted if the residential plot owner fails to pay the installments continuously for a period of three months. To be precise, the Company reserves the right to cancel, re-allocate, penalise by way of interest, if the payment is not made as per the agreed schedule.

Cancellation Policy :

Any cancellation or resignation from the membership shall call for a cancellation charge equivalent to 20% of the agreed amount which is mandatory for all such cases. However, for this campaign period any cancellation request received within 20 days of the booking would be eligible for 100% refund of the booking amount.

Transfer of residential plot

A transfer fee of Rs.50,000 will be mandatorily charged on all transfer cases.

Late payment Charges

A late payment penalty will be levied @2% on monthly rest basis on the outstanding amount cumulatively.
in case of ECS/Cheque bounce a panel interest of Rs.2000 would be levied.

Construction :

As per the Society Act of the Gujarat state pertaining to non-agricultural conversion of residential plots, the developers expect the members to follow all Rules and Regulations laid by the various competent authorities in this regard.

Jurisdiction :

The jurisdiction of this agreement is subject to within the limits of Ahmedabad, Gujarat only.


Saumya Vihaan
Shelaa Village, Dhandhuka Taluka, Ahmedabad.
Gujarat, India.

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