Mama Handicraft Hanuman Puja Kit

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  • All-in-one Hanuman Puja kit
  • One-day pack of 10 items
  • Contains sacred powders – kumkum, abil, gulal, and sindur
  • Contains special offerings –kopara, chameli oil, and laung
  • Contains puja essentials – camphor and agarbatti
  • Hanuman Puja essentials
  • Purity guaranteed
  • Top quality
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Respecting traditions


Parimal Pandhi already had a flourishing family business of mouth fresheners, Mama Mukhwas Wala, when fate led him to venture into a new territory – handmade artefacts. Pandhi happened to purchase from his neighbour a shop selling puja items. That was when the idea to produce and source high-quality handcrafted products came to...

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About Mama Handicraft, Ahmedabad

Respecting traditions


Parimal Pandhi already had a flourishing family business of mouth fresheners, Mama Mukhwas Wala, when fate led him to venture into a new territory – handmade artefacts. Pandhi happened to purchase from his neighbour a shop selling puja items. That was when the idea to produce and source high-quality handcrafted products came to him. And Mama Handicraft came into being in 1995.

An enterprise which began by providing puja paraphernalia for weddings is today a well-organised setup in Gujarat – manufacturing and exporting handicrafts to the American and European markets. It deals in all kinds of wooden objets d’art from Gujarat, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Saharanpur.  The chemical and lac items are procured from Delhi and handcrafted paper items from Gujarat and Jaipur.

With its factory and head office at Jodhpur, Mama Handicraft has a well-balanced team with in-house professional designers and artists. Quality-control personnel keep a close check to ensure standard parameters are met.

The brand produces 100-200 items monthly, with demand escalating during wedding and festive seasons.




Their beautiful range of handmade pieces includes rangoli (artistic design on the floor), floating diva, toran (decorative hanging item), curtains, mukhwas box, photo frames, figurines, and key stand. The base materials used are wood and metal. Each artefact is beautifully designed and of high quality.

With these utilitarian items, the brand is able to reach out to every household. It meets the requirement of the consumers for any festival or ritual. It is a one-stop store for your puja needs. In today’s busy lives, worshipping deities and following traditions have been made easier by Mama Handicraft. 

Specifications of Mama Handicraft Hanuman Puja Kit


Invoke the grace of Lord Hanuman with Mama Handicraft Hanuman Puja Kit. Say goodbye to rushed shopping trips on the eve of key festivals, for we have got everything for you right here. Presenting an all-in-one kit of convenience with common products used for a Hanuman Puja. The pack contains kumkum (sacred vermilion powder), gulal (pink powder), abil (white powder), sindoor (red powder), lavang (clove), kala dhaga (black thread), kopara (dry coconut), karpur (camphor), agarbatti (incense sticks), and chameli oil (jasmine oil). Buy Hanuman puja kit online India through SaleBhai and follow traditional ritual practices to a T.

KUMKUM (25 g)

A sacred symbol of Hindu tradition and heritage, kumkum is fine vermillion powder used to worship Hindu gods. It is more widely used in the worship of goddesses. Women even wear kumkum on their forehead with much pomp and gaiety. This famous symbol of Hindu culture is considered auspicious. Traditionally, the dot on the forehead signifies inner wisdom or the place of the ‘ajna chakra’ – the third eye. The source of kumkum is turmeric or saffron. Dried turmeric sticks are ground with slaked lime which changes the yellow into a gorgeous red kumkum.

ABIL (25 g)

Abil is a holy white powder used in the worship of Hindu goddesses. Abil is also used in several rituals such as marriages and navgrah puja as an offering to deities. Ever wondered what goes in the making of rangoli? That’s right – abil. Thought to bring good luck, it is a regular feature in auspicious occasions such as festivals and cultural milestones.

GULAL (25 g)

Gulal is a pink powder used in ritualistic worship, especially of Hindu goddesses. This powder also symbolises inner wisdom. It is said to attract the deity’s principle and bless those who perform the worship. The Shakti (divine energy) principle in the universe is known to be attracted to the subtle fragrant particles generated by gulal. It is also said that energetic waves, enhanced with divine consciousness, become mobile because of gulal.

SINDOOR (25 g)

Sindoor is a red powder used during puja and often worn by married women on their forehead as an indication of their marital status.

CHAMELI OIL (100 ml)

A natural perfume, chameli oil or attar is extracted Jasmine Grandiflorum flowers, which has a lovely fragrance. The attar has aphrodisiac properties that helps increase vitality as well as creates a strong protective energy against disturbing influences. Besides being used in the worship of Lord Hanuman, it is also used to cure headaches. 


Clove or lavang is used in Hindu rituals and puja for fulfilment of desires and success in work. It is a spice famously used in Indian cooking as well.

KAPUR (5 Pc)

Karpur are fragrant camphor pods used in ritual burning. They are used in traditional aarthi. Known air purifiers, they have a heavenly aroma and are said to drive negative energies away. They hold a unique place in Hindu tradition. When lit, they burn completely without leaving any trace – a metaphor for the dissolution of the ego and union with god. Camphor represents our inherent tendencies, or ego, which keep us separate. When it is lit by the fire of knowledge, our tendencies burn, thereby uniting us with god. Camphor is distilled from the bark of the tree Cinnamomum Camphora.

KOPARA (25 g)

Kopara is dry coconut. Coconut is a regular feature in traditional Hindu rituals, considered sacred and auspicious. Coconut trees are often even prayed to. Dry coconut is used as an offering to deities, especially during the final oblation (purna-ahuti) of any homa/yagna. It is filled with sugar and ghee, and is then closed with a sacred thread, before being offered to the fire.

AGARBATTI (30 g Pouch)

Agarbatti are incense sticks used since time immemorial by people all over the world for ritualistic worship. They are symbolically lit for the pure love of the deity. These fragrant wands are known to purify the air and make the atmosphere serene. The soothing smell helps the devotee calm their mind and meditate peacefully. It is thus also used in aromatherapy to prevent bad energies from entering one’s home.


A black thread is provided to put a locket, talisman, yantra, or rudraksha and hang around the neck for protection.


Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama, the son of Vayu, and the 11th form of Lord Shiva. Chaitra Shukla Purnima is the day of his incarnation. The important days for worshipping Hanuman are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. According to legend, when Shani (Saturn) approached Hanuman to bring him under his spell, Hanuman took him by the hair, dangled him in the air, and blew air on him. He let Shani go only after he promised he would never harm Hanuman or his devotees. Hence, those who have the inauspicious seven-and-a-half year period of Shani should worship Hanuman on Saturdays. Others can worship on any of the three days.


Spread a red cloth on a low stool and place a photo of Lord Hanuman on it. Now remember Lord Ganesha first and do pranam to him. Light an earthen lamp and dhoop stick. Show the lamp and stick to Lord Ganesha. Pray to Hanuman to receive the offerings. Now start the puja. Do panchopchar with five things:

Show earthen lamp to Lord Hanuman.

Show dhoop to him.

Offer flowers to him.

Offer sacred water to him.

Offer gud-chana to him as prasad.

After this, offer tulsi. Apply ashtgandh or chandan tilak on the forehead of Hanuman. Also affix some akshat (raw rice) on tilak. Now recite Hanuman mantra (“Om ham hanumate namah”) at least 108 times. Keep meditating on Hanuman ji during the recitation.

After completion of recitation, offer it to the god by saying, “O Hanuman ji! I offer this recitation and puja at your lotus feet. Kindly receive this.”

Now do visarjan. Take some flowers and akshat in right hand. Say, “I am grateful you came to our place for puja. Please receive these sacred offerings and reside again at your divine place.”

This simple Hanuman Puja gives you pure devotion and love of Lord Hanuman.


Aarthi Ke Jai Hanuman Lalaki (3). Dusht dalan Raghunath kalaki

Jaakay bal say giriwar kaapay, Roog doosh jakay nikat na jhankay

Anjani putra maha balli daayee, Santan kay prabhu sada sahaye...

Day beeraa Raghunath pataway, Lanka jaaree seeya soodi laayee

Lanka so koti Samundra Seekhaayee, Jaat pawansut baran layee

Lanka Jaari Asur Sanghaaray, Seeya Ramjee kay kaaj sawaray...

Lakshman moor chet paray Sakaaray, Aani Sajeewan praan ubaaray

Paitee pataal toori jam kaaray, Ahi Ravana kee bujaa ukhaaray

Baayay bujaa asur dhal maaray, Dahinay bujaa sant jam taray...

Sur nar Muni aarati utaaray, Jai jai jai Hanuman ucharaay

Kanchan thaar Kapoor loo chaayee, Aaaarati karat Anjani maayee

Jo Hanuman kee Aaarati gaaway, Basee Baikoontha param pad paaway...

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